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Photos: Zaneta Hucikova, Czech model unruly cat behavior leads to F-16 fighter jet escort

Czech model unruly cat behavior F-16 fighter jet escort
The interesting misbehavior of Czech international model, Zaneta Hucikova. Images via facebook. Hucikova thought to be pictured with her ‘comfort cat.’

An international flight carrying Czech model Zaneta Hucikova had led to two US F-16 fighter jets escorting a Condor Airlines Boeing 767 flight in making a forced landing at Denver International airport.

Friday’s emergency landing came after the airliner, en route from Las Vegas to Frankfurt was forced to divert after the model had a ‘hissy’ fit upon being refused access to a cat she illegally brought on board in her purse.

The ‘disturbance’ according to a report via the Denver Post came half an hour after the plane had taken off when Hucikova insisted on going to see the ‘comfort cat’ which had been put in a lavatory. Told to return back to her seat, the ‘mentally unhinged‘ woman allegedly punched a female airlines attendant in the face.

Matters escalated when the enraged international model threatened to ‘bring the plane down’, leading to the scurrying of two F-16 jet fighter planes. 

Yes kids, look out the window and enjoy the spectacular views.

Upon landing, Hucikova was detained at an immigration detention facility after it was revealed the Czech Republic national had ‘complications’ with her visa.

Passengers were put in hotels in Denver for the night, with the flight resuming the next day. Except that is for Hucikova who it is believed remains in custody.

Czech model unruly cat behavior F-16 fighter jet escort

Offered Flight passenger Fritz Peterson via CBS News: ‘I heard she got a cat with her on the plane and the plane crew didn’t know she was going to take a cat with her on the plane.

‘That lady wasn’t happy with the crew putting their cat in the lavatory and then everything went wrong. 

‘She started screaming and shouting in the back.’

Added another witness, Dashenka Giraldo via ABC News: ‘She said that she was part of the Mafia and that the mafia follows her around the world and that she was able to bring the plane down if that needed to be the case if she couldn’t see her cat.’

Hucikova’s twitter page describes herself as, ‘Tropic Beauty Model, Swimsuit USA World Finalist 2013, Miss Multiverse CZ , HOT100 Las Vegas 2015’ contestant.

Czech model unruly cat behavior F-16 fighter jet escort

According to the model’s Facebook page, Hucikova studied at Charles University in Prague and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She has numerous photos with Donald Trump and posted her congratulations and called it ‘great’ when the aspiring politician announced his presidential candidacy.

The FBI has since decided the incident wasn’t life threatening and declined to arrest the woman, calling the incident a ‘customer service issue.’

Our collective hero now faces the possibility of being barred from returning to the US after over staying her visa. The model’s cat remains in federal custody. It’s imminent future yet to be necessarily understood.