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Kylie Jenner fake beauty regiment glorified. Why doesn’t she admit plastic surgery?

Kylie Jenner beauty regiment plastic surgery
How did one 18 year old teen become the ‘new ideal’ inspiring women in America? Kylie Jenner’s ever changing appearances over the years …

It seems there is no abatement of redundant phony gratuitous praise of 18 year old newcomer and snake salesman, Kylie Jenner whom the media have taken to putting on the pedestal and holding her virginal beauty as the yardstick for young women everywhere. But why?

Catching my attention is an article courtesy of the nytimes (the title defies credulity: Kylie Jenner’s Beauty Routine: How She Keeps It Real) last week adulating the reality star franchisee’s appearances ( yes surface always trumps accomplishments and virtues …), relishing in the 18 year old’s beauty treatment. A defacto admission that the 18 year old teen is on a regiment to ‘up’ her appearances (since when did teens ever have to add to what nature gave them?) along with a tacit nod to the beauty/media parasites industry which has spawned around the rising ingenue.

Explains the nytimesAt 18, Kylie Jenner, the reality TV and social media star (33.3 million Instagram followers and counting), has already made an impression on the beauty zeitgeist. In fact, this fall she will introduce a beauty website on which she plans to offer advice and makeovers.

Kylie Jenner lip fillers: ‘Yes my lips are fake.’

From there readers are offered a retinue of what the nytimes terms ‘realistic’ beauty regiment which includes a break down on skin care, make up, fragrance, hair, along with a contemplation of Kylie’s diet and fitness. All things one supposes adds to the well being of most women’s well being, with diet and nutrition probably being the most sensible and realistic appraisal of retaining good health, good looks and a healthy mind.

Yet whilst the times may wish to explore what the reality starlet takes on in her bid to become a social media star and cash in with impressionable followers (and how) what the journal and many others like it are not discussing is the jarring reality and repercussions of Jenner’s rapid transformation.

Writes etonline in one nonchalant article Friday morning: People Want Plastic Surgery to Look Like Kylie Jenner, Jen Aniston — But it Costs

Not mentioned or simply bypassed as an awkward discussion is the youth’s strange and abrupt deviation of appearance over the years. Gone is the oval face, wide nose, freckles, round cheekbones and long chin. And let’s not forget the bee stung bees replacing Kylie’s previous less than full lips.

In the Kardashian world such incongruent features are simply operated away, shaved, re constructed, botoxed and filled with fillers and then aptly re decorated with a clever array of paint (make up) before being re packed as a sex siren come hither slot money pay day machine.

Why the nytimes and most of the media continues to insult reader’s intelligence by pretending that one can’t simply google the way the 18 year old used to look defies imagination. We are of course all expected to believe the con pr job rise of a youthful 18 year old who has been able to transform her appearances ‘naturally’.

Told Kylie recently, herself ever conscious of dissenters pointing out the obvious: ‘Of course my face changed as I continued growing up.’

And what effect does this all have on impressionable young women? If women can point fingers at men and claim that they are shamed for looking one way or another, can we not legitimately point fingers at women themselves who resort to artificial means to affect particular aesthetics, forever moving away from what is in fact normal and healthy to notions of inertia, low self esteem and the belief that one isn’t good enough unless they come away looking like a fabricated sex bomb/runway model ideal.

To put it another way what message are we sending to young women when the press and beauty industry continue to congratulate a public person’s ever continuing distorted appearances? Are we not implicitly suggesting one’s natural appearances are not enough, pressuring them to adopt to yardsticks which intuitively are not holistic especially for an 18 year old who should be rising into her own natural prime in the years to come?

Aren’t we in essence as a society fooling ourselves, resisting the idea of nature, giving in to false and fabricated ideals and images, where make believe is the new real? Or is the idea of being and keeping it real simply just a clever marketing/tabloid slogan as we all run to our plastic surgeons and beauty counter bar?

Kylie Jenner beauty regiment plastic surgery

Kylie Jenner beauty regiment plastic surgery

Kylie Jenner beauty regiment plastic surgery



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