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Chinese Karaoke bar fight leaves singer with ten inch microphone up rear

Pic shows: The object inside the body. A man has refused to tell doctors how a long cylindrical object ended up in his anus after surgeons spent several hours operating on him to remove it. And although it might be a place where the sun does not shine, many online commentators were convinced something did after identifying it as a torch. The patient, identified only by his surname Cai, was operated on by doctors in Guangzhou, capital of China’s southern Guangdong Province, after he was admitted to hospital complaining about lower abdominal and rectal discomfort. Doctor Sun of the First Affiliated Hospital of the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine said a 25-centimetre (10-inch) "torch-like" cylindrical object was extracted from Cai during an operation which took just over two hours. Because the, initially unknown, cylinder was lodged so far up Cai’s rectum, doctors were forced to surgically remove it from his abdomen. The object that they suspect was used as a sex toy had a diameter of about four centimetres (1.5 inches). Doctor Sun said: "The foreign object had been in the patient’s rectum for 27 hours. Any longer and it could have caused potentially fatal swelling and blockages." Cai, however, refused to reveal how or why the object was inserted, the doctor added, saying that staff at the hospital enquired no further. Despite the wide belief that this was a sexual experiment gone wrong, local reports have suggested the object may have been inserted during a dispute while Cai was at a karaoke bar. Doctor Sun added: "The patient is in stable condition and will remain in hospital for two days under observation in case of intestinal bleeding." He continued: "In the 10 years I’ve been operating on cases such as these, I have only seen one object that was larger - a cucumber stuck in the anus of a chef." (ends
Chinese Karaoke bar fight
How an altercation at a local Chinese Karaoke bar led to one singer in deep discomfort and then some …

A Chinese man was left with a ten inch long cylindrical object stuck up his rear end and forced to undergo a two hour operation to remove it after a fight at a local Karaoke bar.

Doctors in a hospital in Guangzhou, Southern China told of their disbelief after coming across what appeared to be a microphone lodged in the man’s colon after x ryas, according to a report via People’s Daily Online.   

Pressed as to what happened, the man refused to tell doctors how the object came to be lodged inside his bottom, with reports asserting that the man had the microphone inserted inside him after an altercation with another patron.

Despite the middle aged man, Cai having no visible injuries when he first arrived at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine on August 8 the patient was observed to have a pained expression on his face while pointing to his rear. Indeed. 

Surgeons initially tried to extract the object from the man’s bottom but found that it was lodged so deeply so they were forced to operate. 

After two hours operation, surgeons were able to remove the offending object. 

The patient conceded that the object had been inside him for 27 hours before the pain became too intolerable, leading him to seek medical attention. 

Despite doctors declining to disclose what exactly they found inside the man, they revealed that the object discovered measured approximate 10 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter and was made of plastic.

Dr Sun, who treated the man,  advised that ‘foreign objects in rectum shouldn’t be treated lightly. In certain circumstances it could even lead to death.’ 

The man is now recuperating in hospital and has refused interviews by the media. Indeed.