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Shakara Taylor, dancer falls to her death after fiance cancels wedding

Shakara Taylor
What caused Shakara Taylor to fall to her death?

Shakara Taylor a 31 year old world championship dancer has plunged to her death from a a balcony of a luxury Caribbean hotel after her fiance called off their wedding plans an inquest has heard.

Upon being told by her partner, David Ravenscroft of nearly four years wish to call off their wedding the woman became distraught as he the fiance said he wanted to ‘wait and see where we are in six months time.’

Despite the set-back, the couple continued living together in Georgetown on the Cayman Islands, and after dropping him off at a spa in May 2013, Taylor took a lift to the seventh floor of the Caribbean Club hotel.

Just minutes later, Taylor was found sprawled across the courtyard outside the hotel’s main reception, where she was pronounced dead.

A Blackpool coroner, the UK town from where Taylor is from, has now recorded an open verdict, saying he was unable to conclusively state if she had ended her own life. 

In a statement the woman’s fiance said he and Shakara had set July 6, 2013, as the date for their wedding.

But in March 2013 he said he want to postpone the marriage which had left her ‘down in the dumps’.

Just weeks later she dropped him off at a health club and gave him a hug and kiss goodbye before promising to pick him up later.

Nevertheless he would be concerned after not receiving a reply to text messages he sent Taylor and would be informed of her death by police upon arriving at the hotel where he had hoped to console the woman.

Taylor’s cause of death was recorded as multiple injuries to the chest, head and abdomen as a consequence of a fall from height.

She was also found to have fractures to her skull and lacerations to her ribs, left lung, spleen, left kidney and liver.

In an affidavit, the fiance said he did not know why his fiance had gone to the Caribbean Club as she had no friends staying there.

In his statement read out to the court, he said: ‘She seemed to be down in the dumps and struggling to deal with it.

‘I didn’t feel like I wanted to marry although we were still together and I said we should wait and see where we were in six months’ time.

‘It didn’t feel right in my gut instinct that it was the right time to get married. When I told her she was distraught but she didn’t seem that way on the morning.’

Shakara Taylor
Shakara Taylor and her fiance, David Ravenscroft.

According to the dailymail, Shakara Taylor spent 15 years performing as a morris dancer with the Crusaders Morris Dancing Club and was runner up at the World Championships many years ago.

She also performed in a Spice Girls tribute act, the ‘Naughty But Nice Girls’.

Alan Walsh, coroner for Blackpool and the Fylde, said no one witnessed her fall, with no evidence of anyone else present when she died.

A laptop and iPad belonging to Shakara Taylor showed no suicide note, although medical records confirmed the young woman had a history of mental illness including a period of residential psychiatric care.

Medical evidence revealed she had recently been tested for heart problems after she had fainted on numerous occasions, but during a post mortem her heart was described as ‘unremarkable’.

The inquest heard how heartbroken David Ravenscroft only found out after her death that his fiancée was bipolar and had twice attempted suicide before.

During testimony, the woman’s stepfather Alan Kelly, who has known Shakira since she was 16, said he had spoken to her just the week before her death and he had no reason to believe she would take her own life.

Told the step father: ‘She was very passionate about everything in her life and she threw herself into everything.

‘She had dealt with things in her life before and she was dealing with the wedding not going ahead.

‘I didn’t believe for a minute that she would have taken her own life for that reason.’

Recording an open verdict, the coroner said: ‘We know she has fallen from height, we know it’s from that hotel.

‘What we don’t know is how or why she came to fall from that height.

‘It’s not for this court to establish what someone might have wanted to take their own life but whether that was their intention. There’s been nothing in the recent history to suggest this.

‘It’s understandable to assume that this young lady had jumped to her death but when one adheres to the necessary standard of proof, I fall short of being able to reach that conclusion.

‘I can’t be sure bearing in mind all the evidence we have heard that it was her intention to jump to her death from that hotel complex on that day.

‘I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to Miss Taylor’s family.’

Shakara Taylor
Caribbean Club hotel



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