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Pregnant Dallas 14 year old girl beaten by family to force miscarriage: Fetus tossed in charcoal grill

Pregnant Dallas 14 year old girl beaten by family
(Left to right) Sharon Jones, Lonnell McDonald, Cedric Jones and Cecilia McDonald were arrested in connection with an alleged incident in which a pregnant 14-year-old girl was brutally beaten.

Four Dallas, Texas family members have been charged in relation to a six-hour beating perpetrated to terminate a 14-year-old’s unwanted pregnancy.

According to a report via WFAA the teen was repeatedly struck in the stomach, resulting in her delivering a stillborn child in the bathroom of her family’s Pleasant Grove suburban home.

Incredulously the fetus was then thrown in a charcoal grill and burned before its remains were tossed in a green plastic bag and disposed of, according to the arrest affidavit.

Indicted were: Sharon Jones, 45, Lonnell McDonald, 27, Cedric Jones, 27, and Cecila McDonald, 25, who were each arrested Tuesday in connection with the assault and booked into Dallas County jail. Bond would be set at $150,000.

The victim, who told police about the attack last month, said she became pregnant after she was sexually assaulted by a family member in August 2012, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The affidavit claims the girl ‘did not tell anyone about the sexual assault because…she was embarrassed by it.’

It is not necessarily understood if she had been threatened to keep the incident a secret?

According to dallasnews the hours-long attack allegedly occurred in 2013, but the girl stayed quiet until another woman, who said she witnessed part of the assault, took her to a police station May 22.

At eight-months pregnant, family member, Sharon Jones gave the teen birth control, Plan B pills and cinnamon tablets to abort the child told a police report.

When that failed, authorities allege the family resorted to physical assault to kill the fetus.

Pregnant Dallas 14 year old girl beaten by family
The 1200 block of N. Masters Drive in Dallas, Texas, where four family members allegedly caused a 14-year-old girl to miscarry.

Police said the four attacked the pregnant girl in the living room of Sharon Jones’ home, pinning the teen’s ‘arms down to the floor’ as Cecila and Lonnell McDonald took turns bouncing up and down on her stomach.

When Cedric Jones walked in on the assault, Lonnell McDonald allegedly told him ‘he had already been kicking the “s— out of the b—-.’

The victim eventually endured severe cramps and threw up before suffering a bathroom miscarriage, which took place in March 2013.

According to the arrest affidavit, family member Sharon Jones allegedly offered Cedric Jones $25 to dispose of the fetus two days later.

‘Suspect Cedric Jones Jr. placed the remains in a dark green plastic bag with a red drawstring, placed it in his trunk, and stashed the remains in an unknown location,’ the report said.

It has since been disclosed the family never sought medical care for the girl, nevertheless gave her iron pills because of her blood loss.

Pregnant Dallas 14 year old girl beaten by family

Pregnant Dallas 14 year old girl beaten by family




  1. Sure. Especially in cases of Zika, Radioactive spills, chemical spills, natural disasters, people with life-threatening illnesses and heart/organ conditions, dna incompatibilities, ectopic pregnancies, when a ZYGOTE/FETUS is dead, dying, deformed AND killing it’s host.

    You REALLY don’t know much about LIFE or reproduction issues, do you?

    EVERY pregnancy is a life-or-death situation for a female. Every.single.one. Healthy or not.

    Maybe you live in the fantasy land of cartoons, sitcoms, video games and movies where…”ooh! baby pops out, all is well.”


  2. It isn’t anything about politics it is about life and how we treat a babies life as insignificant.

  3. You think this is about politics?

    OK. You’re on.

    Tell me… what would that girl have had to go through to prove that she was a victim of rape and incest in order to get a Title X- funded abortion and how long would that take?

    Answer: nothing, forever

    There are no Title X funds used for abortion, period – no exceptions.

    A female got raped, beaten and miscarried. There was no safe alternative or anywhere to turn. Conservative mission accomplished.

  4. These people should be convicted of murder but they wont because liberals say babies aren’t people.

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