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Why did NYC Investment banker jump to his death? Tourists rush to take pictures of his scattered brains

NYC Investment banker jumps to his death
Why did one man decide to take his life in horrific terms? Ocean 1 West, the building from which the man jumped from.

An investment banker who leapt to his death from a luxury lower Manhattan, NYC apartment, Ocean 1 West has become the focus of macabre intrigue after coming to be decapitated after crashing into a railing.

According to a report via the nydailynews the unidentified man from West st jumped at about 11 am.

Investment banker who jumped to his death sniffed pounds of coke before death

Thomas J Hughes, investment banker who jumped to his death: Drugs made him suicidal

At the time, cops said the man’s body ‘exploded’ after it hit the railing bordering Battery Place and the underpass that leads to FDR Drive — leaving stunned onlookers covered in blood.

Offered Hans Peler, 48, manager of the nearby GGMC parking garage: ‘There were body parts all over the floor,’

‘Blood was all over (my employee’s) shirt. I sent him straight home. He was very upset,’

Offered another witness, a driver, whose SUV came to be hit with body parts: ‘I don’t know where he came from! I don’t know where he came from!’

Whilst witness Mario Mroczkowski, 37, said the impact was so bad, the man’s body was left in pieces.

‘I got close, but when I looked, all I saw were body parts … guts everywhere,’ Mroczkowski said. ‘He hit the railing and got his head cut off.’

Noted the nypostThe gruesome aftermath sent tourists on an open-air bus that was stuck in traffic scrambling for their cellphones to snap pictures of the body, said workers at the building.

Witnesses believe the man jumped from the 18th floor of 1 West St., home of Ocean Luxury Residences where one-bedroom apartments go for up to $4,000 a month.

At least one witness said he jumped from the roof of the 31-story building. Styled after a 14th-century palace, 1 West St. has a Venetian-look lobby, fitness center and outdoor decks overlooking New York Harbor.

Sources said the young banker had made several attempts to kill himself earlier in the morning, including cutting his wrists, before making the plunge.

The man — whom police did not immediately identify (update he has since been identified) — was from a wealthy family in Westchester County, sources said.

He had apparently become very successful on his own. He owned his apartment in the 36-story Ocean complex, which overlooks The Battery and New York Harbor, and had just returned from a vacation in the Bahamas, sources said.

To date cops have not told what motivated the man to take his own life. Top image found here




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  3. Wall Street Banker Deaths Continue; Where Are the Serious Investigations?

    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: June 2, 2015Last Thursday, 29-year old Thomas J. Hughes, later described by his
    brother as “one of the happiest people I know,” allegedly took his life
    by jumping from a luxury apartment building at 1 West Street in
    Manhattan. Before any serious investigation had taken place, the New
    York tabloids had dismissed the matter as a suicide. Hughes was an
    investment banker on Wall Street.

  4. Andy, I don’t think pointing out a redundant word, or commenting on the awkwardness/inappropriateness of phrasing qualifies as “grammar policing”.
    Also, when the following word starts with an “h” ( as in “horrific”), the proper usage requires “an”, not “a”.
    Maybe you should just STFU with your home-schooled ignorance.


  6. The thumbnail pic for this article showed a well suited young man on top of a building. That was in poor taste also.


  8. they are the only reason people are talking about this one is because of the ?explosiveness?
    but it happens all the time you eventually realize you have way more than you need and you have screwed a lot of people over for this gain the guilt becomes more than you can live with and splash all over the pavement

  9. suicide is the cowards way out
    although it is possible he felt he would make it

  10. @Okay28 – No, @Meschell probably means that it is sad that he seemed to have it all and had no visible hardships but still committed suicide. My heart goes out to Tom’s family. This article is graphic and disgusting – this man was someone’s brother, son and grandson and everyone needs to realize that before making stupid comments about the stereotypes in his job (and no, I am not an investment banker). Who knows what he had going on in his mind.. Mental illnesses are underestimated everywhere, so it is time for people to stop making aggressive comments about someone just because he chose a certain challenging career path and was successful but decided to tragically end his life. How many people that do cocaine and other drugs DON’T jump out their window? Many. They could die of an overdose but it is not that common to end their lives this way, meaning you cannot just blame cocaine. If his family cannot explain his mental state or feelings besides stress, then you probably can’t either, so let him rest in peace.

  11. This is indeed sad and shocking, and the public’s fascination is creepy, even if the deceased had problems that stemmed from having too much money. What’s sadder is that there’s an ongoing epidemic of veteran suicides and hardly anybody outside the loved ones left behind seems shocked or even interested anymore.

  12. Mental problem? …like being a greedy, worthless sonofabitch and becoming a banker?

  13. Now, if only the rest of these useless usurious scumbags would follow suit, the world may become a better place.

  14. A sad and tragic event yes, but considering how many of these clowns screwed up our economy, I can’t feel too much sympathy. Don’t think it would bother me much if more of them would join him….

  15. Why the hell did’t this pathetic ass jump into the alley? Even in death these greedy money whores want all the attention.

  16. He must have suffered from some type of mental problem. Its hard to understand why someone that young and that successful would take their own life in such a gruesome way. It is too sad.

  17. He had it coming…per updated news (NY Post)…”evidence of epic cocaine-fueled party straight out…”…privileged prep-school @sshole living in fast lane…the laws of Darwin has culled the herd…the planet is better off…

  18. No, he tried to slash his wrists earlier in the morning and probably did this as a desperate measure.

  19. “He was so young, very successful, and from a wealthy family”
    So because he was young, successful and came from a rich family, that makes what happened tragic? What if he was wasn’t successful and from a poor family…you probably wouldn’t have finished reading the story. Interesting.

  20. And did you mean to say,”To take his life in such a horrific way”? Not,” To take his life in such an horrific way”.Maybe you should of been careful of criticizing,but I’ii give you the benefit of the doubt,and assume it was a clerical error.

  21. Graphic or not, that’s what happened. Why sugarcoat it? He jumped and his body exploded…that’s what normally happens. Now, as far as the tourists…that’s sick.

  22. While I agree on all counts, the man apparently wanted to make one final big splash. Jumping off a NY high-rise is not the act of someone looking to protect their privacy or have dignity in their final moment.

  23. This has got to be one of the saddest stories I have seen in a very, very long time. He was so young, very successful, and from a wealthy family. Sometimes you can have it all, but still feel empty. Maybe he suffered from depression, but whatever the reason….RIP young man, just rest. No more to worry about on this Earth.

  24. OK, that’s tragic. Almost as tragic is the writing. “To take his life in such horrific terms”? Do you mean “To take his life in such an horrific way”?
    Also, “…the building from which the man jumped from.”
    I think you have an extra “from” in there.

  25. It is disgusting the way this article described what happened. Way too graphic. And for tourists to snap pictures after the event is truly despicable. This poor man ends his life and they act like it is something they have to capture on their phones. Disgusting

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