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Video: Lynch mob beats Nanu Mirdha to death after he sacrificed 5 year old boy to Hindu god

Nanu Mirdha
Why did a local Indian community decide to administer ‘local justice’?

Indian man, Nanu Mirdha has been beaten to death by a lynch mob after it was discovered that the guru had allegedly beheaded a five year old boy as part of a sacrifice to the Hindu god of death.

The man, in his 30’s according to a report via the UK’s dailymail, had his hands tied and was attacked after the five year old body of Sajan Bag was found inside his prayer room in Rangapara Tea Estate, Assam.

Video of the beating (see below) shows a mob using their feet, fists, and large pieces of wood to strike Mirdha, who is thought to be dead as the footage starts.

Locals at the tea estate said Mirdha was a sorcerer and had ‘sacrificed’ the boy during his prayers – or puja – towards Kali, the Hindu goddess of death.

They accused the man of forcing the five year old boy inside his home before attacking him. The boy’s severed head was found beside his body.

Once the villagers realised what had happened, the holy man was lynched and his house burned down before police could arrive.  

Once officers reached the remote village they recovered idols of gods and goddesses along with other religious material from inside the prayer room where the attack took place.

While locals insisted that the young boy was killed as part of a ritual, police superintendent Sanjukta Parasar, said that attack could have been a revenge killing.

According to Parasar, Mirdha was involved in a long-running dispute with the victim’s father. 

Told a local resident: ‘The accused [Mirdha] allegedly picked up a quarrel with the father of the child on Wednesday. They were in argument for hours.

‘That evening, he allegedly beheaded the boy with a machete after dragging him into his house.’

Congress leader and Deputy Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly Bhimananda Tanti on Friday expressed concern over the incident and said that it is a result of existing superstitions in the society, particularly among some of the tea tribe communities.

Police are trying to identify those involved in the lynching, but are yet to make any arrests. It is not necessarily thought that any arrests will be forthcoming….

Nanu Mirdha

Nanu Mirdha