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Richard Fletcher bashed by 50 black teens. Race hate crime?

Richard Fletcher
Was an attack on Richard Fletcher (pictured) racially motivated?

Richard Fletcher a 61 year old Dundalk, Baltimore man has been savagely beaten (see video below) by a throng of 50 Maryland high schoolers after the man tried to break up a fight in front of his house.

The attack would leave the man hospitalized with two broken eye sockets, broken ribs, a brain bleed among other injuries.

Arrested are five teens, ranging from the ages of 15- 17 who now face charges of first degree murder and assault.

Apprehended and now facing first-degree attempted murder and related charges were African American teens, 15-year-old Andrew Omar Allen, 15-year-old Mya Lashae Stewart, 15-year-old Yahkeem Zavion Wheatley and 17-year-old Antoine Willie Lawson.

A fifth teen also African American, 17-year-old Samtoya Isiah Wiliams has been charged with first-degree assault and second degree assault and robbery.

In custody are two other suspects, including 20 year old male, Keenan Tylike Holloway and an unidentified seventh arrestee.

 Samtoya Isiah Wiliams
Samtoya Isiah Wiliams, left, was charged with first-degree assault and second-degree assault and robbery. Antoine Willie Lawson faces first-degree murder and related charges.

According to a report via CBS Baltimore things came to a head when Fletcher spotted two girls standing on top of his car, arguing on April 22.

When he asked them to get down and leave his property, the mob of teenagers pounded on him, officers said. Someone recorded the attack on a cellphone, and the footage showed the suspects slamming Fletcher to the pavement.

Neighbors have since told that many of the teens involved in the assault are students at Baltimore Community High School.

Commentators on the web have since wondered whether the attack on the man perpetrated by the African American teens was race or a hate crime, especially in light of the recent discord in Baltimore and the heavily skewed concentration of African Americans in the downtrodden Dundalk enclave.

Since the beating, friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for Richard Fletcher’s medical expenses, which are estimated to total between $200,000 and $400,000. So far, the campaign has raised more than $47,000.

Richard Fletcher
Richard Fletcher

Richard Fletcher


Andrew Omar Allen
Andrew Omar Allen, 15
Mya Lashae Stewart,
Mya Lashae Stewart, 15
Yahkeem Zavion Wheatley
Yahkeem Zavion Wheatley, 15


  1. Poor misunderstood childrens. They just were having some typical Baltimore after school fun.

  2. The hooligans look dead in the eyes. They have the blank stare of serial killers.
    I am certain this is not the first time they have brutally beaten someone. Bet they get off with minimal sentencting.

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