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Danielle Perez, wheelchair bound Price is Right contestant wins treadmill

Danielle Perez
Danielle Perez: ‘Because life is truly absurd …’

‘What to think what to wonder, what have the gods have bestowed upon me?‘ These must have been some of the thoughts running in the back of the mind of wheelchair bound,  The Price is Right contestant, Danielle Perez after discovering she was now the winner of a new treadmill. A treadmill that she could obviously never ever use…

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‘No new car, no new house? I would have been happy with a holiday Any holiday to be matter in fact. Maybe even a shiny flashy jet ski I could stand next to and have taken a skimpy photo next to. But a treadmill?’

The mayhem (yes Danielle’s expression said it all) came after Perez won a treadmill on Monday’s episode of the Price is Right.

Danielle’s unfortunate back story involves having lost her legs in an accident in 2004, but all things being fair in life, Danielle could only have thought the gods would make it up to her with something shiny and useful to make up for the unfortunate circumstances of her life.

Not so.

Posted the dazzled woman on twitter: When you win a treadmill on national TV but you have no feet’. 

Told Perez via KTLA: ‘I kept thinking that it was a really big joke,’

‘But there was no irony in their cheers or applause.’

Daniela god doesn’t appreciate irony, he just serves it bountiful heaps…..

Offered the dazed contestant via Complex: ‘It was funny because the audience got a little quiet. Like you could feel the audience go, “Wait a minute, that is not appropriate”,’

‘But it was so funny. I had such a good time,’ she added. ‘I was like, yes I want it! I don’t need it at all! But I want it. Now I can use my Nike fitness band on my treadmill. I’m really excited.’

But showing she has a sense of humor (when you can’t cry one is obliged to just laugh, as famed absurdist Irish playwright Samuel Becket once wrote) Perez retweeted posts from several accounts commenting on her winning the treadmill and showed she could laugh about the situation. 

I’m in a wheelchair & won a treadmill on @PriceIsRight and have no feet & my blow out was on point. Life got,’ she tweeted.  

Though she didn’t make the showcase showdown, Danielle Perez said that it was ‘so much fun’ just to be on the show. 

Reflected the gracious contestant: I mean, what would I do with a party boat, anyway?’ 

What do you think? Shouldn’t you have a go on the Price is Right, maybe you’ll end up winning something useful for a change or at the very least a life long anecdote you can take to your grave…

Danielle Perez

Danielle Perez

Danielle Perez