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Chinese driver ignores injured pedestrian, finds out later it was his mother who died.

Chinese driver ignores injured pedestrian
How one motorist’s reluctance to stop for an injured pedestrian led to the death of his mother.

A Chinese motorist driving to visit his mother would pass by an injured woman in need of medical attention only to later find out that the woman by the side of the road was in fact his mother.

At the time the man decided it would be too much of an inconvenience to help the woman who would ultimately die as a result of her injuries.

Upon arriving at his mother’s house, in Wuhu, in the province of Anhui, the man, Mr Zhang was unable to find his mother, with neighbors telling him that the woman had left earlier that morning with the intention of meeting him.

Remembering the sight of an injured woman lying on the side of the road, the man decided to return to the scene of the accident as a sudden sense of doom overwhelmed him.

It would be then reports the People’s Daily Online  that Mr Zhang came across his mother covered in blood and dying.

Frantically calling police the woman would nonetheless die on her way to hospital.

Offered a neighbor: ‘Mr Zhang is the victim’s son. He wells up as soon as he mentions his mother and the accident she was involved in. 

‘Zhang recalls he set off early in the morning to see his mother who lived in the ancestral village. En route he drove by a hit-and-run scene.’

Mr Zhang told local media that he didn’t want to stop for the elderly victim because of the potential of trouble.

After a spate of incidents in which Good Samaritans have been sued for damages by people they tried to help, many Chinese motorists are now reluctant to help those involved in traffic accidents.

Told Mr Zhang: ‘I saw a woman lying in the road. When I got to my mother’s home and found that she wasn’t there I headed straight back to the traffic accident as I had a feeling it might be her. As soon as I got there I could see it was Mum.’

Police from Nanling County found glass fragments that were from a farming vehicle and and were later able to identify the hit and run perpetrator, who confessed to the crime.

Chinese driver ignores injured pedestrian
Scene of the hit and run that saw a woman eventually die of her injuries.