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What’s your motorbike ‘personality’?

What's your motorbike 'personality'?
What does your motorbike really say about you? Pictured-the Vespa.

Much like the clothes you wear and the company you keep, what you ride says a lot about your personality. Of course, to be completely accurate, the motorbike you ride says far more about your rider experience and available finances, but where’s the fun in making judgements based on that criteria? Here, then, is a light-hearted and not at all scientific look at your motorbike personality!

Harley-Davidson – Wannabe

Or simply just ‘a Harley’. It doesn’t matter which model: you don’t know that much about bikes and you don’t need to – your search for a ride begins and ends at the Harley Davidson. At the end of the day, you just want to be part of the crowd; the Harley crowd. Owning one gives you instant membership and respect, and that’s more important to you than anything else. You love riding the open road in a large pack of fellow Harley aficionados. Welcome to the club.

Vespa – Quirky

You’re not a serious motorcyclist – speed and performance is not your thing, it’s about getting from A to B with the minimum of fuss (and fuel cost). ‘The Look’ is everything, however – and yours is forever that of some kind of creative genius/student. You spend your weekends zipping about town, sipping espressos and reading books in pavement cafes, and always buy produce from the local farmer’s market. You are never without your battered leather satchel. You wear glasses with clear lenses and a scarf in all weathers. Interested? Visit Metropolis Motorcycles to view available models.

What's your motorbike 'personality'?
Are you a Ducati rider?


Ducati 996 – Risk Taker

You believe life is too short, and certainly too short to ride an inferior bike. The Ducati 996 is your choice – you have bags of attitude and an oversized ego, but your confidence is matched by your riding skill, to be fair. You can handle this beast of a bike and you turn heads whenever you take this beauty out, drawing admiring glances even from those who don’t like motorbikes at all. Wherever possible, your bike is displayed proudly outside your home, shined to perfection. You often spend hours just gazing at it.

Honda Hawk – Sensible

A solid, sound choice. You’re a sensible type for whom practicality rules. When you book your annual holiday, you do so after price-checking 25 different options, and then cross-checking ratings on multiple review sites. You apply the same approach to buying a bike. You need to drive from home to work, and back again, and not much else. The Hawk is sensibly priced, reliable and unremarkable. It does the job, and that’s all you require. You don’t particularly find much joy in riding.

Yamaha FJR1300 – Committed

There are no half measures for you when it comes to your ride: it’s the great love of your life. The FJR1300 accompanies you everywhere; on the daily commute, long weekend rides, and on holidays – in fact, all your holidays are based around adventures on the bike. You wear your leathers around the house, to the pub, around the supermarket…

Don’t get offended: it’s just a bit of fun. For more inspiration, check out this list on Complex UK and see if you can find a bike to suit you!

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What's your motorbike 'personality'?
Are you the committed type? Pictured, Yamaha FJR1300.