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Video: Screaming Argentinian woman exorcised: ‘Leave her now.’

Argentinian woman exorcised
How local clergy sought to exorcise evil spirits of one Argentinian woman….

A video has emerged (see below) showing the exorcism of a screaming 22 year old Argentinian woman at the hands of Bishop Manuel Acuna, 52 of the Lutheran Charismatic Church.

The video depicts the woman, identified only by her first name Laura as she is pinned down by the bishop as he seeks to drive evil spirits out of the woman.

Prior to Laura’s exorcism, locals gather at the Buenos Aries communion, praying for the woman’s soul and redemption before Bishop pins the woman down and begins to implore evil spirits to leave the woman: ‘Leave, leave her now.’

As the woman screams, ‘No, no,’ the bishop continues to implore the evil spirits to leave as he lays a wooden crucifix over the woman’s chest, telling onlookers, ‘the demon exists.’

Continues the religious man: He’s not an idea, he’s not a theory, he’s not something abstract.

‘The devil is a personality and therefore has a strategy.

‘We are talking about something terrifying, a fallen angel.

‘The devil is not a metaphor.

‘The devil is something real that Jesus Christ faced.

‘The devil looks for the perdition of the human being and for this he will use any possible evil instrument.’

Argentinian woman exorcised

Led into a chamber, church helpers hold the woman to the ground as the bishop seeks to reclaim her soul.  

Told Local man Augustus Amador Arevalo, 32, who had gone to pray for the woman’s soul: ‘We could hear her screaming and crying and we prayed for her deliverance,’

‘She was a good girl but turned bad when the devil possessed her,’

‘She had to be exorcised, she had to be free.’

The exorcism comes to an end as Laura suddenly gives a strangled cry before closing her eyes falling backwards exhausted, wiping away tears as the priest once again makes the sign of the cross over her body.

Told Bishop Acuna: ‘Thank God, we’ve recovered a daughter of God,’

‘You haven’t seen a major exorcism.

‘This was a group of demons similar to the ones that Jesus faced.

‘Her delivery is God’s gift for us today.’

Argentinian woman exorcised

Argentinian woman exorcised

Argentinian woman exorcised

Argentinian woman exorcised

Argentinian woman exorcised
Bishop Manuel Acuna