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Cynthia V. Anderson drowns 2 week old puppy at airport

Cynthia V. Anderson
Cynthia V. Anderson is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Cynthia V. Anderson a 56 year old EdgewaterFlorida woman has been arrested after drowning a two week old puppy when she not allowed to board a flight with the dog.

According to a report via the The Grand Island Independent Anderson had first tried to board a flight at Central Nebraska Regional Airport on Thursday with three puppies and two dogs. All of the puppies were said to be less than 2 weeks old.

Grand Island police Sgt. Stan Steele told the paper that Anderson was not allowed to board because the two dogs had proper kennels, but the puppies did not.

After Anderson’s parents took two of the puppies, the woman attempted to board another flight on Friday by concealing the third puppy in her carry-on luggage. Nevertheless Anderson was again denied.

But here’s where things get hairy folks.

Anderson was later seen entering a bathroom in the airport terminal. After she left the bathroom, a dead puppy was found in one of the toilets by an airport customer.

The Central Nebraska Humane Society took custody of the puppy and conducted an autopsy with authorities deeming the cause of the 2 week old puppy’s death was as a result of drowning. 

Anderson has since been booked into the Hall County Jail on charges of animal abuse and come Sunday had remained in jail.

Reflected one reader on the web: She had many options. Give dog to airport staff , cancel trip, call friend etc etc

At present it is not necessarily understood why the woman callously took the animal’s life…

Cynthia V. Anderson

Police say Anderson tried to smuggle the doberman puppy onto a flight at the small regional airport three times before she resorted to killing the dog

Cynthia V. Anderson

Cynthia V. Anderson

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  • dkd1230

    OMG! Did she actually put those pictures on facebook? WHEN will we get laws that will protect animals from a scag like her? She is a repeat offender and now a poor innocent animal died because we do not put and KEEP people in jails!

  • warezwolf

    56? looks more like 96! This scum has a lengthy criminal record as well, but this is the first animal abuse charge. This individual makes me ashamed for my species.