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Joanna Audoire to sue McDonald’s after suffering burns from spilled tea

Joanna Audoire
A case of shopper negligence or retailer negligence?

Joanna Audoire a 44 year old UK mother of three plans to sue McDonald’s after suffering severe burns after a takeaway cup of tea fell onto her lap.

In her suit the woman claims the lid on her take away tea was not fitted properly when she sat down to drink the tea after purchasing tea, coca cola and food from a McDonald’s drive through venue.

The suit claims so hot was the tea that it her left her skin underneath her trousers on her left thigh peeled off – leaving her with a huge bubbling L-shaped burn the size of her hand.

Medics have since told the woman she will be scarred for life with the telemarketing worker reiterating she was forced to take off more than a week from work because of the pain she incurred.

Told Joanna Audoire of Broxbourne, Hertfordshire: ‘I am seriously considering legal action for the time I have had to take off work and for the injury and trauma I have suffered.

‘I was in immense pain. They need to take some responsibility for serving the tea as hot as that with a flimsy lid. When will they improve it? When a child is seriously burnt? It makes me cross.

‘The lid couldn’t have been on properly, and I know tea is hot, but was it too hot on this occasion? I think it was. It was very very painful. It shouldn’t have happened.’

At the time of the incident the divorced mother was shopping with her pal Karen Prodromou in Waltham Abbey, Essex, when they picked up food and drinks from McDonalds.

She said she was sat in the passenger seat when she realised the Coke – which was in a cardboard holder with the tea – was about to topple, so she reached to grab it.

The hot drink lid slid off and half a cup of tea covered her legs, she claims.

Joanna Audoire

Reiterated Audoire: ‘I jumped out the car and was hopping around. At the time I had no idea the damage that had been caused,’

‘I got to work and I pulled my trousers down to go to the loo and it was horrible – the skin came off too. I got to the walk in centre and the treated it. They said it will probably scar.’

A spokesman for McDonalds has since told: ‘We regret to hear that Ms Audoire sustained an injury following her visit to our restaurant.

‘The safety and wellbeing of our customers and employees is our first priority and all of our restaurant crew are trained to serve hot drinks in a safe manner.

‘We are treating this incident very seriously and following Ms Audoire’s recent contact with our Customer Services Department, we have launched a full investigation in to this matter.’

And then there was this comment on the web that made me wonder:

Tea is hot stuff yet I am guessing that you managed to make yourself a cup of it at home and or at work and even perhaps drink them without self harm. Bet these cups didn’t have lids on. Why did you decide to pour a cup of the scalding stuff all over yourself just because it came from McDonalds. Do I detect an injury claim in the offing. Just be careful, they could counter sue for gross stupidity.

Joanna Audoire



  1. Can I sue McD’s for burning my tongue on a hot French fry? I’m so use to them being barely warm or cold that I just put it in my mouth not checking to see if it was actually hot enough to burn me.
    All I see is someone wanting easy money from a corporation. If you don’t want hot tea order ice tea. But then she might sue because the ice gave her an ice burn on her leg.

  2. not saying that her burns weren’t painful, or that she deserved what she got, but when carrying out hot drinks, i think a little bit of caution should be exercised, after all, things happen that are beyond our control sometimes.

  3. Just another typical Degenerate Liberal Loser trying to make a buck thru phony law suits, typical Liberal Mentality !!

  4. Scammer, just like the one who started it all years ago who burned her crotch on hot coffee. People will do anything to make a buck off a larger company if they see a good way to work an angle. If you’re buying a ‘hot’ drink there has to be some level of personal responsibility and knowledge that ‘hot’ means very warm and could possibly burn or get really uncomfortable if spilled. If you’re that clumsy it’s your own fault, and if you did it on purpose it equally is your own fault. It’s a shame, and I don’t know the UK law, but McD’s will probably settle to make this crook go away as it will be cheaper to pay them off than ride it out even if that would be the right thing to do (along with counter suing for court/legal costs to teach them a lesson.)

  5. Also, because this happened before McDonald’s and Burger King, their coffee, hot chocolate and tea are used with water at a set temp. So it is warm to barely hot. I can make myself a cup of hot chocolate and drink it as is without adding milk, creamer or any “coolant” of any kind.

  6. This is why we at the McDonalds and Burger Kings I have worked at make sure customers do not take it from the top. You know everyone tries grabbing it from the top of the cup or even by the lid. When will people stop being so dumb and then so ignorant they sue someone for their own stupidity?

  7. I was a Manager a Burger King and I can’t by this first the Temperature is checked on every shift change, the machine that makes the coffee is where the hot water is dispensed from and there is no temperature adjustment so if the temperature does not meet spec it is then reported and is serviced, so I really doubt this would happen people today will do anything to get a free ride ………………..

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