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Indian bull fetches world record auction price of $1.92m but owner declines sale to continue selling semen for $47k a month.

Indian bull fetches world record auction
It seems some semen is worth more than others. No bull…

How valuable is your semen? An Indian bull has fetched the world record auction price of $1.92 million but its owner would decline selling the exotic bull so they could continue selling its prized semen for $47 000 a month.

According to a report via the UK’s dailymail had the Indian farmer, Karamvir Singh gone ahead with the sale, it would have made his three-year-old bull, called Bheem Donor (indeed), the most expensive in the world.

But after selling off the bull’s brother, Yuvi Donor, for the equivalent of $1.34million, the Indian farmer would tell they were in no rush to offload the 1200 kg bull.

Although it’s undeniable that the Murrah breed bull would provide plenty of meat, the animal’s real value comes from the 4 to 5ml of high quality semen it produces every day, which is in demand across the country.

Karamvir Singh, who lives in Sunario village located in the Kurukshetra region of Northern India’s Haryana State, said: ‘I don’t see the need to rush into selling him given that I can earn over £30,000 a month from selling his semen.’

The farmer would also tell that he made a similar amount from the bull that fathered Bheem.

Added the farmer: ‘Bheem Donor is like a son to me, and a very profitable one.’

Indian bull fetches world record auction

One of the reasons that semen from the family is so expensive is due to the fact that the mother of Bheem and Yuvi, produces up to 26litres of milk every day – a record-breaking amount for a Murrah buffalo. 

That said there is a catch.

Whilst the farmer brings in a small fortune from the bull, it consumes around $31 worth of food every day. 

A sum deemed considerable considering the monthly wage for many people in rural communities across the country is around $160.

The auction took place at a three-day fair organised in Jagraon by the Progressive Dairy Farmers’ Association

Indian bull fetches world record auction