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Pictures: Elena Filotti, Romanian pensioner sliced in half by tram after ignoring red light

Elena Filotti
How Elena Filotti came to be run over.

Elena Filotti, a Romanian pensioner has come to be sliced in half after walking onto the path of an oncoming tram after ignoring a red light.

The incident reports the UK’s dailymail came to happen as horrified pedestrians watched in disbelief as the 65 year old pensioner ignored a red light pedestrian crossing in the city of Arad, western Romania, choosing instead to walk straight ahead.

Told one witness, Mircea Radulescu: She must have thought she could get across in time as she completely ignored the driver beeping his horn.’

‘Seeing that she wasn’t going to turn back or make it across in time, he slammed his brakes on but it was too late and the woman disappeared under his wheels.

‘It was absolutely horrific.

‘My daughter was with me and I quickly covered her eyes so she couldn’t see it.’

Window passenger Constantin Ponta, 29, said: ‘At first I wasn’t sure what was going on.

‘I heard the driver start swearing and beeping his horn and then there was a juddering stop.

‘There were loads of people outside pointing at something under the tram and when I looked out of the window I thought I was going to be sick.

‘There was the body of a grey haired woman sticking out from underneath.

‘She was clearly dead.’

A subsequent police spokesman told: ‘The driver was deeply upset by this tragedy but his version of events are supported by eye-witnesses so there will most likely be no charges after prosecutors have read the report.’

The woman’s body was taken to the local morgue.

Elena Filotti

Elena Filotti

Elena Filotti

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