Home Scandal and Gossip Nicole ‘Nikki’ Kelly suffocates her toddler son and posts pictures on Facebook

Nicole ‘Nikki’ Kelly suffocates her toddler son and posts pictures on Facebook

Nicole 'Nikki' Kelly
Why did one mother suffocate her son before then proceeding to post an image of his lifeless body on Facebook?

Nicole ‘Nikki’ Kelly a 22 year old mother from Queens, NY has been charged with second degree murder of her toddler son, Kiam Felix Jr after she came to suffocate the 11 month old boy.

Nicole Nikki Kelly. A question of postpartum depression or malice? 

The child’s death came after the woman told having reached her ‘breaking point’ and not ‘wanted him anymore.’

The child would be pronounced dead after being taken to nearby Elmhurst Hospital this past Sunday.

Yet it wasn’t until friends of the woman came to notice that she had posted an image of her son’s corpse (see above) on Facebook that they came to realize the gravity of the situation.

Posted underneath the image of the toddler’s corpse was the message: ‘R.I.P Tinkabutt.

Police said that Kelly, a former Home Health aide, killed Kiam by wrapping him in a bed sheet, leaving him unable to breathe, according to Pix11.com.

Queens DA Richard Brown said that she ‘callously left him alone for half an hour to die.’

A neighbor said that when the boy’s father, Kiam Felix Sr, who is not suspected of being involved in the death, arrived at the house there was a great deal of shouting.

Nicole 'Nikki' Kelly
Nicole ‘Nikki’ Kelly and Kiam Felix Jr

Told the unnamed resident via The New York Post: ‘I could hear him yelling, “I’m not waiting for the f****** ambulance, he’s not breathing!”’

If Kelly’s unnamed housemate is to be believed, the disturbing nature of the story doesn’t end with the allegations of murder.

The housemate, who Kelly rented a room from, told Pix11.com that the toddler was dressed in a white-collared shirt, tie and pants, when he was taken to hospital – and a picture of him dressed like this appeared the next day on Kelly’s Facebook page.

Along with the photograph carrying the ‘R.I.P’ headline, Kelly left a message which read: ‘Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life. I feel horrible knowing he passed away Am his Mother I was supposed to protect him I know his spirit will always be around me.’

Nicole 'Nikki' Kelly
Kiam Felix Jr

Nicole 'Nikki' Kelly

Nicole 'Nikki' Kelly



  1. people the devil is real and he attend to attack people at they lowest and when they alone I feel bad for the baby and God took his child before the worst can happen.yes she didn’t have no excuse for killing her baby but you got to understand that she wasn’t her self to so we have to stop judging people and see how we can help people to prevent stuff like this.

  2. I just died a thousand times my heart is so weak right now I would never ever do some thing like to to my kids ever in life God bless his soul


  4. I’d post those pictures all around her cell like she did on her Facebook page and feed her through a hole. Just so she could relive the hurt and pains she has cause so many… I seen it my self first hand how chick treat the kids like crap because the father don’t want them anymore or their just not getting the attention anymore because it’s going to the child so the do mean evil stuff to their child/ children.. The devil is a lie. That beautiful handsome baby it takes a really COLDHEARTED/ HATEFUL PERSON TO DO SOMETHING TO A CHILD.

  5. This Bitch couldn’t have possibly been that depressed. Lock her ass up and throw away the key. She need to live with what she has done….. This child was 11 months the first few month are usually harder: The getting up, the feeding, more wet diapers. Ect.. There’s is more to this story than that meet the eyes. She did this out of anger and hatred. She wanted someone else to suffer.

  6. What everyone is describing is actually postpartum psychosis. Postpartum depression does not cause women to murder their children. It makes them doubt their parenting, feel overwhelmed, think they are not adequate, makes them have intrusive thoughts about something bad happening they can’t stop. I.e. the baby choking or some one snatching their baby etc. Postpartum mothers worry so much about keeping baby safe they get super depressed at all the what if’s. So I guess it’s possible she is suffering from postpartum psychosis. But whatever her problem is, that baby didn’t deserve that.

  7. Second degree murder? Why not first? If a man had done this it would be first, regardless of his mental state. This is why there is a death penalty.

  8. So true smh.. I honestly wonder what’s going on with her right now as far as if she’s in jail etc this is a shame.

  9. Your so right this hurts my heart though… I’m seven months pregnant now with my son I just couldn’t imagine harming an innocent baby it’s pitiful..

  10. Truly sad for mother’s who actually think they may have PPD and are afraid to ask for help because of this worthless POS!!!

    The only person a mother experiencing PPD is herself. Mom’s killing their children because of PPD is a defense attorney’s “go to”.

    Postpartum psychosis is another thing….however quite impossible to MISS.

    This girl was at a 4th of July Church function just days before and appeared happy. She methodically carried out this crime. Disguarded his belongings in the trash. And posts photos seeking attention. I wonder if she posted happy birthday to herself before or after she bound that poor child to death.

    How dare you that want to say PPD!!! you should be ashamed. Rest in Peace poor little boy… the person that delivers you into this world, should NEVER be the one that takes you out of it.

  11. it was premeditated… she knew what she was doing and chose to kill him instead of give him up. She doesn’t deserve forgiveness you people make me sick… you think you’re a good person when you lack morals and forgive people for horrendous actions. What else are you going to say? that raping a child is ok cause they had issues? you people seriously make me want to puke this is why I hate people so much… fuck.

  12. She is disgusting and people really need to stop defending this heinous “human being” and take a good look at themselves and think about what they’re saying and who they’re defending.

  13. there we go enough liberal retards defending her and making up mental illnesses she didn’t have she is a bitch plain and simple and didn’t deserve to have a child.

  14. I can tell you are in dire need of attention. What’s sad is that you are using this tragedy to get it. I will pray for you, whoever you are and I hope that you get the help you need.

  15. You are really sick! We are all equal & loved in Gods eye’s and always will be. You can believe me or not that doesn’t really concern me. But color has nothing to do with how I feel about someone taking an innocent life. People do evil things everyday, regardless of color no one deserves that. So again i would feel the exact same way had this been a white mother and white baby, because I have a heart and I love kids. And I would never ever think that a child being murdered or anyone being murdered for that matter is funny. You must have a very corrupted mind to say the things you say. How could you think that if you are a black person you would be laughing if the child had been white…Go get help because you need it. Have a great day!

  16. Believe me I understand you anger just like all the others up here. And I totally agree with alot of things you say but forgiveness is not one of them. But we are not God, who are we to say who he will and will not forgive. She did a horrific and terrible thing to that innocent little boy but as always God has the last say. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. so yes she deserves to go to prison for a very very long time, but as long as she repents and asks for forgiveness. God will do just that.

  17. “Post partum”, is bs. I’m sure this evil wench was hearing “voices”, even before her pregnancy.. These women are using their babies as an excuse for being crazy..

  18. Krissy sorry but your talking out your ass. It’s not that they don’t tell anyone because they think what they are doing is right!! Your not speaking on postpartum depression..idk what the hell your talking on…my sister went thru this and we sat with other woman in groups who went thru this…they are mostly embarrassed to say I don’t love my child!! This is why they don’t say anything..they don’t want people or family knowing that they have these hateful or non loving feelings towards their own child!! Not because they feel killing their baby is the right thing to do!! It takes a lot to admit it..but eventually these mothers took the right steps to get help! Their is NO EXCUSE..

  19. First off..we don’t even know if she was suffering from ANY illness …so before everyone tries to give the bitch a pass ..let’s first find out if she is suffering from post partum…which btw my sister had and my niece is still alive…just saying..idc even if they do find her to be depressed ..it’s not ok..by any means..my sister knew something wasn’t right with her..so she took it upon herself…like any grown ass adult would do..and seeked medical help!! This bitch needs to rot in hell…period

  20. Why do the system give these people the chance to make it to prison after the crimes they commit some just need to head over to the funeral man this bitch would have caught a beat to death if I was the father how the fuck can you kill a baby I’m glad I don’t have kids yet the minute the mother harms mine she can spank my child too hard I’m going to jail.

  21. You are just ridiculous. God is the one that wrapped a sheet around a baby’s face and let it gasp for breath for an agonizing half our, terrified and confused? It was God who had her take pictures of his corpse and post is on FB for nothing more than attention? Is it God that allows babies to be raped and killed? Is it God that allows children to be starved, tortured, beaten and raped every single day all over the world? No, it’s humans. It’s people. There is no God in this and you are ignorant to even think so.

  22. She was up at the hospital and while the rest of his relatives were ripping their hair and crying, she was on her phone and NEVER shed a tear. There is no excuse. Mental illness is real, yes but she wasn’t alone. She premeditated this. She took a shower while he was dying. The father showed up after he was dead probably because she called him. He had other family members. If she didn’t want him, if she was having terrible thoughts, there were a million other choices she could have made but she CHOSE to murder her flesh and blood. There is no excuse, none, you can make for her.


  24. if your argument is that 2 years is to long to be under the affects of something that happens in the 1st year, the age does fcuking matter you dumb bitch.

  25. Many of times people of color (i.e. black people) are not believed to be suffering of depression and other illnesses, and some won’t even admit to having disorders. Many portray them as “thugs” or “lost causes” and dismiss them and never evaluate them further for such illnesses.

  26. Some women hold their young under water or strap them in a car and drive it into a river… taking just as much thought as wrapping a child and leaving.. mothers just know the young needs to die all postpartum mom who go without help dont do it in the same way.. and no postpartum mom tells people because in there mind theyre doing whats right.. everyone should read up on it very scary heart breaking illness .. postpartum can last anywhere from a few months to a few yrs depending on the mom

  27. Postpartum depression left untreated can develop into postpartum psychosis. . At that point a mother has no real mental control over herself.. not saying that this was the case with her but its a real illnes.. very different from bipolar..



  29. She don’t look all that bright anyway. And if postpartum is what she went through she could have check her and the baby back in the maternity ward and they would have gave her counseling on how to handle the situation as they did for me. It would have been fine to call a friend or family to help for a few hours or place the infant in the room close the door and come back after your nerves are calm. Yet the she choose to hurt him. She had options what happened to dropping them off at the fire station or church no questions asked. So I don’t feel sorry for her

  30. I’m not gonna disagree with anyone on the whole depression/bipolar issue, but there is no excuse for anyone harming a child. Not to mention this, but there is no way that depression can be used as a valid excuse for TAKING HUMAN LIFE. there is no way anyone can say, I was so depressed that I looked at my child and decided they didn’t deserve to live anymore. Seriously lost my faith in man when people can make depression excuses for murderers. Major copout in my opinion

  31. How many of the people throwing shade her way ever offered to swing by and help take the baby off of her hands for a little while so she could practice some self-care?

  32. I think that’s a bunch of bullshit. Ant dat much blacking out in the fuckin world. But it is dombass muthafuckas who get people to actually think its ok to do stupid weak shit like dat.

  33. How can you kill your child. And you had the p audacity and strength to post q fuckin pic on fb. You go rotttttttt in hell.

  34. She said she was bipolar ANDD had depression. She was probably saying that not only this but alsooo has that so it’s double the problem an even with both those problems she wouldn’t do such a thing. Fucking dumbass. I hope this worthless excuse for a human rots in hell. They’ll put her ass in jail an the others will kill her bitch ass. Yal right… no one likes a baby killer.

  35. You are sick!!! I pray that your mind will be healed from the evil that controls it now. You can’t be a happy person. Be careful what you say, your words are powerful and they can get you killed!!!!!!!

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  37. She said clearly in her statement she did not want him to go to foster care so forget a postpartum depression she knew exactly what she was doing

  38. Tht btch is a waste of space & air & does nt deserve 2 b hre she needs 2 b straped dwn 2 tht table nt able 2 move , jus lke she wrapped tht baby n tha sheet nt able 2 move , wt tha needle n her arm gtn lethal injection , cme bck & chck on her n 30 mins see hw she doin !! SICK TWISTED ASS BITCH !!

  39. Thats real of you to come on here and say this…. And in my post thats why i said how no one even took that step or even was paying attention. It happens and its unfortunate the way the world functions now a days for real.

  40. Post partum depression is real. Now we don’t even know if this is what she had but if so…this type of depression can make you harm your child. What’s the saddest is that I really believe she needed someone to help her with the boy but they probably were too busy and told her to toughen up and handle your own responsibilities. I remember when I almost had a breakdown and was afraid that I would do something to my infant. I reached out but everyone was too busy. When I stated that I was going to drop her off at the police station…people didn’t believe me and still offered no help! I had been diagnosed with post partum but was on no medication. I reached out to my community and no one gave a damn!


    If you didn’t want him why the fuck didn’t you just give him to someone in your family you had so many ducking options but you chose this one though. God don’t like baby killers you evil evil evil person. You were never meant to be a mother. your a horrible person i hope you get life in prison and die in it you just disgust me. depression isn’t a reason to kill a baby he did nothing to you he want even asked to be in this world but you took him out. But KARMA Is gonna come back around on you in its gonna hit you HARD!

  42. depression is no excuse for murder I mean I I had still born and they were twins and you don’t see me out there killing people and I went through depression for a year and a halfand I’m around my 6 month old cousin every day and you don’t see me trying to kill him and some people just have to use depression as an excuse to get away with murder and I don’t think the should.that’s just like trying to justify somebody that molested a child and them saying they molesta the child because they were depressed would you let them use that as an excuse for that no you wouldn’t because you look at them in you think they’re gross and wrong but then but it’s okay for a woman that kill her child and use depression to get away with it it’s not I don’t care if u have a degree in with dealing with mentally ill patient until you know what it’s like to have it child don’t say crap

  43. People really think mental illnesses come straight from text book descriptions or their situations are the same as another persons.. like postpartum HAS to last a certain length of time or because what you had didn’t make you do what the next person did. It shows who uses the brain God gave them and who follows what other people say. Mental illnesses were here before there were doctors to diagnose them.

  44. How is one chick gonna say what God has in store for her? lol. Religion for ya. Guess what? God planned this. It’s called omnipotence.

  45. I honestly dont think was in her right mind. She obviously needed help that she wasn’t getting. Think about it, she dressed him in a suit before she killed him and when they asked her answer was she ‘didn’t want him anymore.’ If she was “well” that baby would still be alive and probably with someone who could care for him better. Im just saying something was wrong & i dont think she was in her right mind.

  46. Everyone is going back and forth with each other and saying things that are not called for. This young lady had options but did not use them and sad to say this tragedy is the outcome. All hospitals need to start evaluating mother during pregnancies and after to make sure thee mothers are stable. Besides postpatum she could have had Munchausen by proxy syndrome where parents hurt their kids for the sympathy. Obviously something was wrong. These pictures should not have been able to surface it is so sad to see. We should all pray for everyone involved even the mother because it seems like should still does not realize what she have done was a sin.

  47. God had his child before she even did it she just had a body i feel for the sweet baby boy i lost my baby and til hurting til this day but i do know that lil baby boy n my lil baby gurl is playing heavenly with there wings to watch over the other babies that are being harm in the world, can not know one judge that woman but god and he dont do that he til forgive her for her sins i do pray for the woman that she ask for forgiveness i will be praying for the father n his family n also her family i sure they might do understand n if they do n didnt do anything about it shame on them n also if she was or wasnt diagnose with a illness or tooken off her med cause she was pregnant n never put her back on or took her blood to make sure she was on them are just as guilty as she is it was there responsibility too i pretty sure she had appt to the doc her n the baby so signs are away there with posts on fb or comment she said before this and ppl thought she was jokin only god knows r.i.h lil one u are free from all harm n danger see u at the heavenly gates.G url shame on u i miss my baby dearly n wish that it was something i could do to keep her hear unlike your 11 months old my baby didnt even get to breathe her first breath or get to c a day of her life i bring into this world i blame my self cause i feel it was something i didnt do stress cause i didnt have enough to save a bill or my baby u stupid i love to be with my daughter for 11 month n more til god took us both natural causes but i gt a couple of minutes s.m.h

  48. Depression or not, you don’t do that to a kid. I suffer from sever depression and i would never lay a finger on my little ones.

  49. Ok I suffer with bipolar 1 and 2 with intermittent explosive disorder and I had 7 kids and live them more then me. So any person with a illness or depression disorder know what to do and what not to do. I been ill mist of my life and I will or could never kill any of my kids. My youngest is 2 yrs oldest 18 come on it ant no excuse for Killin a innocent baby

  50. This is some bullshit. Hiw could any person kill they baby. I have a child die and it was the worst pain I could ever go through and it’s people like this that will kill they baby and then post pics. Maybe someone should suffocate her ass cause that precious lil man ant deserve this. I hope they do upon her in jail as she did upon him. Baby boy I know that you have your wings and is free. I am so deeply sorry that someone this woman that was suppose to love care and comfort and protect you would rob you of your life. Rest in heaven angel. Love from me and my family and to the father family my prayers are with you.

  51. My bad. He was 11 months old. She’s 22. Still no excuse. When you love someone, you do all you can to get help. That was too well thought out.

  52. Exactly!! And post-partum depression normally happens within the first three months of the child’s birth and sometimes can occur up to the first year. Wasn’t the baby 22 months old?

  53. There’s nothing wrong with her!! Postpartum my ass! Ppl always trying to make excuses for dumb shit. An 11 month old baby! That bitch was past postpartum! She may have a mental disease cause she think the shit is ok when it’s not! I couldn’t take my son and I had postpartum depression and regular depression too. I took him to my mom and left him there for a few hours and even one time he was there overnight until I got myself together. She is fucking sick in the head! LITERALLY! All y’all some dumb asses for even attempting to take up for her

  54. Why not throw a plastic bag around her head and throw her into the middle of the ocean, or place a bowl full of wasps over her head and hang her ass. Disgusting creature. If you do not want kids and know you will not be a good parent, then don’t have kids. Have a vasectomy if you are a man. Have your tubes tiedif you are a woman.

  55. If you’re black I don’t believe you. We are not all precious in God’s sight, take “you” for instance.

  56. It seems as if everybody that’s making commits on here are just THROWING BLOWS at each other. I too am HURT over what happen with the baby BUT guess what, GOD DON’T MAKE MISTAKES. He took that baby out of that young girls life for a reason. Yes it’s sad but think positive about the situation NOW. GOD didn’t let the baby suffer. This mother is ill, GOD already knows this. I recently lost a grandson to crib death. 3 months old. But I also know that my grandson did not suffer one bit because when we (as parents, this world, everybody) sin, sometimes god ALLOWS things to happen to open up our eyes. My grandson was brought into this world to be a sacrifice. I have never seen a funeral like my grandson’s funeral before in my life. One died so that god could gain two sinners. My son and daughter in law both accepted Christ into their lives that day at the funeral and were both baptized. That very day was made sooo clear to me when those events occurred. I KNEW FOR A FACT what God was up to. One for two, PRAISE GOD. AND ALL MY SON AND HIS WIFE HAS TO DO IS LIVE RIGHT AND ONE DAY THEY WILL BE WITH THEIR SON AGAIN. Im sure there were signs that her family and even the baby’s daddy were overlooking. Yes it’s sad but this is her sick in the head way (not by choice) of getting attention for SOMEBODY, ANYBODY to let them know that HEY, IM SICK AND I NEED SERIOUS HELP. NO ONE WANTS TO BE MENTALLY ILL. Killing her son in HER MIND (NOT A NORMAL PERSON’S MIND). MAY have not been that serious to her. SHE IS SICK AND NEEDS PROFESSIONAL HELP. When you’re mentally ill, U can’t make clear decisions. SORRY SO LONG but this is just the way I’m looking at the situation. God bless everyone that’s been affected by her actions.

  57. Pure evil is right she took a freaking picture and posted it on facebook that is just horrendous.

  58. having a mental illness is one thing but asking for attention on Facebook is just twisted…. beyond bipolar OR depression… that is just heinous.

  59. ummm who cares it’s still no excuse… if she is that dangerous she should be put in a mental hospital away from the public she is a psycho bitch and wasn’t fit to have a child, Plain and simple.

  60. exactly if she really loved her son she would have got help but she just wanted attention on facebook.

  61. If God exists people like this wouldn’t exist either and hell ya I am mad cause people are making of stupid excuses for this stupid B**ch when she should be suffocated just like the poor baby was.

  62. no one deserves forgiveness for killing an innocent baby she should be suffocated just like that poor baby.

  63. Even after 11 months the hormones are pretty much gone… and regardless… no excuse whatsoever.

  64. LOL I have mental illnesses and I was on watch for postpartum because of that and they told me if I am angry to leave the room and if I am having thoughts of harming myself or the baby to call the hospital and that’s what she should have done, Are you trying to defend a baby killer? cause if so you’re just as disgusting as she is.

  65. Doesn’t really matter how old the baby was it’s still wrong and making up excuses for her make you just as disgusting as she is.

  66. still no excuse if she was having thoughts of harming her baby she should have sought for help. Plain and simple… NO EXCUSES.

  67. If she asked for help or people heard her say “she couldn’t fucking take it anymore” then her family should have taken the baby because people don’t just fucking lose their shit snap crackle pop, you witness them. If her family or friends heard her say she didn’t want him and she was tired then they should feel guilt. Not sticking up for this woman she’s a sick human being. But that’s exactly it she’s SICK! Messed up in the head, all mental illness to a degree is the same. Because no matter your disease if people see it and ignore it then this is the fucked up shit that happens. So sad. This work full of people calling out others instead of helping others. I by all means will never understand how a parent could kill their child, but yes mental illness is REAL. Wake up world. Pay attention! Help save these babies, kids and even these people before its to late. Rip lil baby

  68. I thoroughy agree. I am saddened by this because fo the fact that this precious life ended so early and he could do nothing to stop it. And I do realize that the family is hurting now so some very hars things are being said. But Please know that God knows and He will take care of it. Praying for the Mother and the family

  69. this is really sick if she didn’t wont him she could have given him to family its mothers like her that makes it hard for good mothers like me and may god have mercy on your soul Nikkie kelly

  70. you all seem to be giving her a reason she did it. I suffered from postpartum and never hurt my little girl. the problem with this is that now she can say that she didn’t mean to do it, that it was because she was sick and she needs help and they will send her to a mental hospital and do time there and get out early. that’s not justice to me and I bet it isn’t to the people who truly miss him. maby she couldn’t handle having him any more but that does not give her the right to do what she did. she could have gave him to family or given him up for adoption. shes a lousy mother and I hope she goes to jail for life.

  71. i dont know alot about those serious depression illnesses but its truly unfortunate. Who’s to say she was sick, who’s to say she wasn’t , Ultimately she gone have to answer to God, period point blank. When I first heard about it I was angry too and she was every name in the book other than her name but we can’t so anything about her situation. I just hope the baby gets justice she gets help and pays for her actions.

  72. What’s the difference between murdering an innocent child at 11 months or doing the same 12-20 months ago? Murder is murder.



  75. This is horrible!!! I had very bad post partum after my first child but whenever I felt my thoughts were becoming dangerous I reached out for help from family and friends. I could never understand how people can look at an innocent child, especially a mother who carried this child, witnessed all the first moments and kill them. She deserves to be in jail for the rest of her life to live with the fact that she murdered her child everyday

  76. That’s no excuse. I had post partum depression, my son screamed non stop unless his dad was holding him. I was miserable, but I didn’t think about ever harming my baby. I’m tired of that being a scapegoat for women killing babies. They had faulty wiring before they had the baby. One doesn’t just say oh I’m gonna kill my child because of post partum depression.

  77. She knew what she was doing…..”she puts cover over his face,leaves him alone for an hour with cover his face,post on fb with pixs of her dead son. That bitch was well in her right mind and knew what she was doing. She even lied to the fam about what was going on. She dressed her son up in a suit and everything….like come on ppl

  78. You sound so stupid. Very ignorant comment. You think this is about race, I dont give a damn if the child had been white, black or green. No child deserves to be murdered. I am a black woman and I have a heart. So no I wouldn’t be silent no would I cheer about something like this. You are a very simple minded individual and should watch what you say because you dont speak for all black people. A person is a person, regardless of race, I see white people on the news all the time for killing their kids, I also see blacks and plenty of other nationalities that commit these crimes. So with that being said, if this mother and child had been white. I would feel the exact same way, hurt, sad and very upset. Because a child is innocent and a precious gift from God and didnt deserve this. As I said before I pray for everyone involved in this sad tragedy and also all the mothers or fathers in the world who is thinking of doing something like this. Pray about it, call on God and he will guide you through. He will never put more on you than you can bare. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Remember its always a better way than to take someone’s life.

  79. WOW! You’re an idiot! I don’t give a damn about the race of the child. It’s a child! You ARE AN IDIOT! Stupid ass!

  80. It doesn’t last almost an year……..and who’s to say she not lie’n about that. She lied about how her son die.

  81. Just sad and hurt from this story….. My prayers goes out to the baby dads family…. Me as mom myself I can’t understand for the life of me how could u do sumthing soo cold hearted as that. They gone fuck her up in jail and prison b4 she goes to hell….Some ppl just shouldn’t be blessed with children.

  82. You obviously still need to watched by the mental team because you are angry and mean. You don’t have a heaven or hell to put this young lady in. Was she wrong? Yes! Did she really kill her child and post it on FB? Yes. Was it your child? Hell Naw! So calm down and go take of your child. God and the justice system will take care of her. But being mean to other people because they don’t agree with you is a little CRAZY!

  83. Oh look someone after my own heart. You don’t know how many times a day I say we need an IQ test before people should be allowed to breed. lol

  84. It is pretty damn easy to drop your child off at the fire dept. too. And it doesn’t require paying for a funeral.

  85. And there is no damn excuse that a woman should ever harm a child. There are plenty of mental health help out there should you need it. It take one phone call to get help. I am Bipolar if you know something is right with hour you feel you should take the steps to get yourself help. You would do it if you had an infection of some kind. If you kill your own child or anyone else’s in a mental fit you belong in jail where you can’t hurt anyone else again. It isn’t fair to let you roam free. There are to many of us that get the help that we need and live normal lives.

  86. That is very sad. Young Woman just don’t understand how a blessing it is to bring another life into the world. As a mother I wish that she get some help, but we as people do not know what she was going threw. True she could of gave the baby up for adoption, or gave the baby to the father’s side. But then as society what would we do then? We would judge her for that as Well. Don’t get me wrong what she did was horrible, and it should have not been done. But we do not know what that baby would of went threw if he didn’t pass away and go to heaven. He probably would of been in a worse situation, So the lord called his son home. It’s also sad because it is women out her like me that only has one child and would give anything to have more children. I know you don’t suppose to question God, but I have to ask why bless people with the blessing of a child, and they don’t deserve children, When women like me would love to have more children….. I am praying for the father of this child and the rest of the family God Bless

  87. She deserves the death penalty. Don’t wait! As soon as she enters the prison, pull the switch!!! How would she like to be wrapped in a blanket for an hour or so not being able to breath? What a low life

  88. Lol yes, he was only 11 months old… but I guess she didn’t read that part since she’s not a “PC liberal.”

  89. This baby was 11 months old……. almost one not almost two. So you may want to rethink your comment. I think we all can agree that something was clearly wrong with this young mother’s mental state and the result was the death of a innocent baby.

  90. This is indeed sad but I think some of you commenter’s could be hypocritical. You know she might not go to prison because she is “sick”. In some cases that is what you would hope for, but now since a little bundle of pure innocence was killed, you want “that bitch to die”. People these days kind of suck tbh.

  91. I don’t know if she has a mental problem…or just evil….or a little bit of both together….but you can see from her photo…that all was not right with this girl….the elevator didn’t go to the top floor…..and because she took pictures of her decease child…I am leaning towards mental…a evil person try’s to cover their tracks of wrong doing…so they won’t get caught….a mental person won’t connect the dots of a cover up…because they won’t see the wrong in what they did…..but…what every the reason for this terrible action…she should be dealt with..or punish…she should not be on the streets free to go about her life…because if she is mentally unstable…she will do it again to someone else or maybe herself….she should be in jail…or locked down in a mental facilities …

  92. Glad you got help, and yes it is very real. People think you morality still comes into play when you are depressed and it doesnt happen that way for everybody. Its just sickening that people can be so closed minded to the facts. Smh

  93. If untreated PPD can last longer than 6-8 weeks. The baby wasn’t 22 months either, he was only 11 months.

  94. the symptoms are the same but the way our bodies are set up is very different. everyone cannot handle the common cold the same way, so I know depression and other mental defects can’t be the exact same in everyone. If it were that easy they’d give everybody the same meds and treat everybody the same. It was probably something already wrong with this broad from the beginning.

  95. Absolutely. People are responding based on anger of the situation. Yes it can be controlled, but she would have had to have a diagnosis first. She clearly wasnt being treated and this was the end result. People dont believe mental illness is real, and just because 1 person can get themselves help or walk away to cool off doesnt mean she had he mental capacity to do so. And obviously she didnt, because her child died at her hands, There were probably signs and people around her didnt notice them.

  96. that bitch need to burn in hell like wtf wrong wit people just knw we linein in the LAST DAYS. to the DAD my heart go’s out to u just trust in the LORD he will see u through this hard time comein from MIMS FL.

  97. You are one sick person. What does the ethnicity of this little innocent angel have to do with it? Whenever a child is abused or murdered it is a sad situation no matter what the color of it’s skin is. Your comment let’s us know that you are a person full of hate. I could hate white America for the evil sins of their ancestors but I choose to forgive and move forward. The death of a white baby is just as sad as the death of this baby. I was just as upset when Caylee Anthony was murdered. You need to get a life and stop living in the past.

  98. I know everyone is coming down on you Ms. Nikki out of their pain an surprise..my heart is with you..please know that The Lord our God died to pay for our sins including yours…Moses commited murder an was used a one of Gods greatest leaders…there must be great pain an anger all around you..but know that Christ is there with you also an He is waiting for you to give Him your life..i am a mother of 3 children an can understand how everyone feels but i will not cuss you ir wish death on you..i will pray for you an those around you an keep your son in my heart..seek forgiveness of God an know that His forgiveness is what is formost..

    To the father of Kiam….i am so sorry for your lost..to friends an family the same…to nikki’s mother my prayers are with you..i know you must have great sorrow right now..be blessed an healing prayers are going up..

  99. Postpartum is not always just within the first 6 months. If left untreated, it can continue and develop into something much worse. And if the person has other untreated mental illnesses, it makes it that much worse. They should have stricter requirements when a women has a baby and they check for this. Because in the end the baby always suffer. Either neglected or to this extreme.

  100. What in the world is the world coming to?? I know that what she did is wrong and none of us are Dr’s and we don’t know what was going on in her mind but most of all how can any of you who think that there is a time limit on someone’s mental stat and the people that knew her should have noticed the signs that something was wrong and that she may have needed a break the father knew something was wrong with her that’s probably why he was not with her anymore but to the people that put God in the mist, you should becareful on how you speak with him in the mist of your conversation because you can’t speak for God, believe it or not God can and will forgive her if she is serious and from her heart,,,this is serious and your mind state is different from mine, hers and anyone else in the world.. We can only pray that we or no one else in the world goes through this tragic ordeal,, and to the people throwing the race card out there,, this is not a black, white or any other color thing,, this is something that people need to know exist and need to pay attention to your loved ones before it gets out of hand,, most people that deny that they don’t need help when approached that when they need it the most,, she will be judged by the courts but most of all by God and there is no punishment more devastating the what he can do,so its all in Gods hand now,,God bless you little man,may you rest in peace even though your life just began and ended so soon,, RIP…….

  101. I dont know what issues this woman had and at this point I dont care. Personally, I believe she was just selfish & angry and she took it out on her son. When u have kids, it isn’t a such thing as a breaking point, a child is a gift and a blessing from God…not a pair of shoes u can throw away bc u r tired of it. No no, it dont work that way. I’m so tired of wen someone kills a person or a baby or commits horrible crimes..the first excuse everyone uses is they are mental or depressed. Lets be clear I know mental illness is real and some individuals do go through it. But not everyone is mental, some people are just evil and hateful and they get angry and commit murder. Last time I checked anger was an emotion not a mental illness. Bottom line there is no excuse for killing ur child. Then to get on Facebook pretending to grieve knowing all along she killed her son is beyond me. She had so many options, family, church, police station, cps..but she didnt have to kill him. I have a 1 1/2 year old son…hes my world. Wen i read this story I just looked at my son and cried bc I couldn’t imagine hurting him. I’m his mom, um here to love him and protect him from the bad….thats what a true mother does. We all have our ups and downs, we get upset, we hurt, stressed, some get depressed. ..we are all full of emotions. Things get tough, hey thats life..but doesnt mean thats an excuse to murder anyone…..definitely not ur own child. This is heartbreaking to me bc their are no winners here. She’s gonna spend probably the rest of her life in prison. ..her family is gonna b losing 2 people…this babies father and his family will suffer bc they lost this beautiful little boy. No one wins here…just an all around sad situation. And my heart goes out to both families. I pray that she’s able to seek forgiveness one day and that God has Mercy on her soul.

  102. The kid was 11 months postpartum would have already passed… She didn’t want to be a parent like she said.. So she chose and easy route – a sick unforgivable one. Poor child…

  103. Postpartum is real and alive. Bi polar and post partum is two different things. I don’t condone what she she did what she was horrible. More than likely she was suffering from post partum depression. I’ve been there had those thoughts about harming my child but I didn’t act on it but I can relate to someone who has. Its hard to understand unless you been there.

  104. You mean 11 months.. The woman was 22 years old, the baby was 11 months old.. You and Satisha really need to practice remembering what you read for more than a split second… SMH And since when was there a set in stone time for depression to last? Go out on the internet and learn something.. PLEASE!!

  105. Finally someone who knows what they are talking about. A quick internet search by these people would have shown them that they are two completely different things. It’s hard to type a few things to learn something though…

  106. What a cutie pie. He did not need to suffer like that whatsoever. And for her to dress him up like he was about to burried is insane! But you know what, he’s up there in heaven rejoicing with God, smiling, laughing. He didn’t deserve what happened to him but God rewarded him in heaven. On another note, she needs help an needs to admit to what she done. Praying for the family who should have took a precious angel from her in the beginning.

  107. Wow you are extremely angry at her. Something is truly wrong with her for her to do such a thing.

  108. Are you seriously standing up for her? Mental illnesses like depression are no excuse for murder. People with depression know right from wrong, they still have morals. No shit mental illness is real, but it’s not an excuse. This woman MURDERED a defenseless baby, and you’re sticking up for her.


  110. This is so sad if she didn’t want the baby she should have the baby up for adoption people can’t have kids or want to adopt parents quit killing u r kids 🙁

  111. PPD is real. She’s not evil, she’s crazy. I know because I also had it and tried to kill my son. Everyone here is vilifying her, but I personally know what this is like and she’s not in a sane mental state. I tried to give up my child but my family wouldn’t let me and shamed me for wanting to do so. They also just kept ignoring all the crazy things I was doing. I shaved my head, became agoraphobic, totally gave up on personal hygiene and was distant and aloof about everything. Signs came early because while I was pregnant, I had planned out how I could drown our family dog because I felt that he made the house unsanitary for the baby. I actually told people about these thoughts and they laughed!! (One of our friends took the dog, thank God!!) You guys need to realize this is probably not an out-of-the-blue thing that just happened. Her friends seemed like they noticed there were signs. Crazy people believe crazy thoughts are perfectly sane & rational. After the incident with my son, my family didn’t even want me to tell anyone because they feared the state would take him away from me!! SRLY?! Thankfully a family friend got me some help through an outreach program and my son is now a healthy & happy young man. I thank God that someone really saw what was going on with me back then because otherwise I definitely could have been this woman.

  112. I doubt she had depression…this girl deserves to die bc all on your fb you’re saying it’s my birthday turn up…but 30mins later you’re saying RIP to my son…..okayyyyyyy!!! Smh!

  113. Try “prepartum”! I’m sick of everyone making excuses for selfish actions. This lady was probably not fit to become a mom in the first place, but since there are no restrictions on conceiving then everyone tries to make it an “after” pregnancy dilemma. No, some people just shouldn’t be allowed to conceive bc they’re unfit. There should be set certifications for both parents to reproduce. It’s cruel to let just anyone have a baby. Most moms and dads these days can’t even take care of themselves! It’s time to put a stop to it!

  114. Wrong is wrong and yes she will suffer whether she’s in Jail, her conscience or whatever but she will suffer. I’ve lost a baby due to health issues and would DO ANYTHING TO HAVE HIM HERE WITH ME. The family is in my prayers. #SAD WORLD WE LIVE IN

  115. postpartum is when a woman is depressed and she can’t handle the hormones I HAVE DEPRESSION and I was on watch by a mental health team to make sure I didn’t do something like this. But you know what? I am not a sick twisted C***t and I was HAPPY when my son was born yea sometimes things got hard for me but when I got mad I left the room to cool off or make a coffee NOT KILL MY SON AND TAKE PICS AND PUT IT ON FACEBOOK.

  116. I am right there with you sister and postpartum depression is in the first 6 months to a year at the most not 2 years this was a toddler. Postpartum is from hormones she had no fucking hormones to blame for this. All you PC liberals make me sick there is no excuse for this. PERIOD.

  117. Seriously, km? wow. God can totally forgive her. We should not project our feelings on God. He loves that woman and will welcome her into his arms if she GENUINELY confesses.

    Don’t speak for God.

  118. God will deal justly. It is not for any of us to judge. Prayer is what she needs. Where is Jesus in us?

  119. Dressing up and killing your baby (allegedly), and then posting a photo of your “precious” deceased child on Facebook the next morning with a tearful post about how much you miss him…is a lot like some other so-called bereft parents in recent news, who remarkably waste no time alerting social media and channeling that public sympathy into a GoFundMe or other crowd-funding account. There’s a formula at play in the minds of some of these lowlifes:

    Tragedy Involving Cute Kid + Viral Social Media Marketing = Big, Big Bucks.

    Can there be a worse commentary on the state of morality (let alone parenting) in America today?

  120. Bitch on god I hope you die you evil unloving asshole only the devil would do this!!theres a dark corner in hell for you dummy!!

  121. Well I had postpartum depression and was depressed for other reasons for a wgole year after my child was born getting into an bad accident when my baby was an month old stayed in the hospital for over an month AND NEVER EVER THOUGHT TWICE ABOUT HARMING/KILLING MY CHILD ON TOP OF THAT MY BABY HAD COLIC SO IT WAS NON STOP CRYING SO THATS AN POOR ASS EXCUSE

  122. This is why I am not against abortion, if she wasn’t ready she should have never had him, also yes, she could have given him up not fucking murdering him. Killing something that is completely defenseless is the most evil thing.

  123. This is for all you people obviously with no medical background, I’m not conducting what this woman did but bipolar and depression are two very different illnesses believe it or not. If she really was depressed she should have been diagnosed and put on meds. to control her depression. She also should have been evaluated and if the case was serious they would have taken her child and stated that she couldn’t care for him. In this case she could have depression and no one noticed or she’s just psycho who knows but I say all this to make this statement until you have dealt with psych patients one on one don’t compare being bipolar to being depressed it’s not the same and when a person is severely depressed they black out from time to time and just zone out and are unaware of there actions.

  124. Not true… They have the same symptoms and can both be treated…. Ihave big polar and had pod after my three year old was born but I would never thought of hurting my child….when it felt like too much I walked away and got myself together and then came back after I was calm enough to do what I had to do

  125. You don’t know that. I don’t condone what she did. I’m mad at her too… But no one on earth can determine heaven or hell for someone else. Our best bet is to get ourselves together…. All the way together. GOD has the final say so. Not us….. But I hope and pray justice is served because this is ridiculous ..

  126. im not saying that she does or does not have post partpartum depression, but what i WILL say is that it does not just last 6-8 weeks. i dont know where you got your information but that is incorrect. Post partum depression can last months, especially if a woman is still nursing (as her hormones will still be different than they were pre-pregnancy), if treatment is not sough out. but truthfully this sounds like she was just sadistic.

  127. Yes, I noticed the same thing. Of course, if it was a white child murdered these blacks would be silent, or, cheer!

  128. She just better hope I don’t find her bitch ass. This is why I’m glad I don’t actually own a gun. I’d hunt this bitch down and shoot her in her fucking mouth. It enrages me that people like this are even able to have kids.

  129. Postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis is real and its serious and last until treatment and can last the rest of your life … Killing a baby is wrong in all ways but maybe she needed/s help don’t judge ppl only god can do that

  130. Oh well thank u, but i actually study that sweetie, u basically saying the same thing to be honest, she will be punished for sure

  131. No sense in me get’n my blood pressure up cause it can’t bring that precious baby back but ummm if words could inflict pain in a physical sense. Yes I know the lord got him covered but the devil is trying to have his way in my mouth.So Miss Nikki Kelly girl only thing I wish for you right now is unbearable pain. To your mental spiritual and emotional being. There are no true words of how I really feel that is going to give real satisfaction to the family in which U have Devistated with your actions cause they were HEARTLESS. U ARE EVIL IN ITS PUREST FORM AND U WILL BE JUDGED BY GOD AS SUCH. BLESS THAT BABIES HEART FOR BEING GIVEN TO SUCH A VILE PERSON LIKE U. MAY GOD SPARE NO MERCY ON YOUR SOUL

  132. Actually no, PPD can start at any time. Delayed PPD. Look up the facts before you say stuff. I’m not excusing what she did, but PPD is bad and it’s real and yes she should be punished.

  133. Postpartum depression is very real. You all are saying how you wish she would have killed herself or how you could kill her, you all should be ashamed smh. Yes a innocent child is dead and that’s unfortunate, however, you don’t know what mental state this person was in. Hate the sin and not the sinner. Pray for the family & stop wishing death upon a person.

  134. This hurt my heart so bad! In literally in tears. How can people allow the devil to manipulate there minds into killing such a beautiful blessing from God.

  135. This just breaks my heart. What was she thinking man. He had his father in his life if she didnt want him anymore she could of just gave up her rights to his dad. Smh some people are just sick and heartless. She will get whats coming to her. God will punish her. Its just sad and heart breaking that she would do that to him a harmless baby.
    R.I.P baby boy you are in a better place.

  136. What she did was horrible but postpartum depression lasts more than 8 weeks. I have had it since my daughter was born 4 years ago. It just got a lot worse after my son was born. I got treatment almost a year ago and still struggle with it.
    Ppd can cause mothers to kill their child yhis is why drs say its very important to talk yo them if you are feeling sad. This mother should have gone to see a dr or just talk to someone. Rip poor angel

  137. Hmm dont let ur hate speak down on God, and i understand your feelings. He will be the last to judge hun, not u or anyone else. He is the best knower.

  138. This just hurt my entire soul. This is beyond fucking heartbreaking.

    I swear, on everything I love, this chick is going to burn for what she did to that innocent child. There is no redemption for this shit. NONE.

  139. I’m judging the shit out of her. I’m sure God does not have a problem with it. Stupid, crazy, evil bitch. God won’t even get a chance to judge her. Bitch is going straight to hell. Fuck that dumb bitch. I wish we could burn her at a stake and not even let her die so she can slowly suffer for the rest of her life. I fucking hate this bitch.

  140. I’m bipolar an some more thing I’m a mother of three who also suffered then and now since I had my one year old year old I take my meds daily and guess wat I have NEVER whooped my kids….. there’s a such thing as a mothers love that make a real woman say FUCK DEPRESSION in live for my three Bitch should have hung herself

  141. this is a very sad story and she needs to be punished…. he was a very handsome little boy….rest in peace baby boy.

  142. That poor baby. I have a son the Same age how the FUCK could you do something so EVIL!!! A beautiful innocent baby boy didn’t even see his 1st birthday. OMG LADY

  143. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and I have a 10 month old little girl and I understand that we as mothers loose it sometime but nothing can ever take me to the state of harming my little princess she deserves whats coming to her.

  144. Fuck that, it is not postpartum. I read through her FB last night and that baby had no value to her what so ever. From the day he was born, he was a FB status. He was a toy to post pictures of so she could get likes and comments on her social media. She wished herself happy birthday at 11:00 pm and then by 11:40 she was crying about her dead son. She did this for attention and nothing else. Her son wasn’t a human with a soul, heart and mind. He was a play thing. She deserves nothing less than the death penalty.

  145. True indeed, but we as people have to do better b/c the signs are there and I am pretty sure the family seen this seriously come on now. Especially if they took time to get to know her.. She is wrong, but only god can judge her.

  146. Baby if its not treated it can last for longer than that.. In psychology it pretty much reads that.

  147. Exactly!! Someone should have sat her down and got to the bottom of what was going on. It seems that some signs were there ugh this is terrible he was such a handsome little boy.

  148. Very true!! I honestly think she had to had some underlying mental issues maybe having him set it off. This was pure evil though ppl in their right minds can’t harm children like this.

  149. It was really sad, but seriously speaking you see people saying they said they know she felt it was too much.. Sooo… Why didn’t these same people take into consideration getting him then. Then when things hit the fan people screaming they hate her and all that, but where in the world was that one person to save him. She will have to be judged by god in the end. We as people need to do better, i know if i hear someone say this too much i would have got him. Not be on here posting things that 5 years down the line dont matter, because he gone now, RIP BABY BOY YOU IN A BETTER PLACE

  150. Wow!! This is so sad postpartum depression is so real most women don’t even realize they need help but you have to pay close attention to the signs. There is no excuse for this though I don’t understand how ppl can harm their babies. So many people want children and are unable to have them just give them away. Take them to the hospital and drop them off do something this is heartbreaking .

  151. Not only did she say rip to the baby but she has a Smiley face on it I knew something was wrong with the picture he’s all dressed up and everything she should get the death penalty and let her suffocate in a room to see How he felt I dnt kno her but I would have took him

  152. Postpartum depression lasts until you get treatment. There is no set time. Some people stay depressed for years. The term postpartum just means the depression started after giving birth to a child. But I agree she seems like she’s just evil.

  153. depression or any other mental illness is no excuse for what she did!!!! I’m bipolar and have depression and I would never do something like this, ever!!!!

  154. Not 22 months postpartum! She was just crazy. Then to post it online? Only a crazy person would do that. Postpartun depression lasts 6 to 8 weeks at the most to allow the body to regulate it’s hormones again. Thats just ridiculous.

  155. Postpartum deppression is a REAL disease! Women go through all sorts of things after giving birth some just don’t have the mental capacity to survive it. Prayers for all of those effected in such a sad, terrible and painful tragedy. Depression and other mental issues are real and often times unrecognized OR we settle upon “that’s just the way he/she is”..sometimes the signs are denied or ignored. Pay attention it’s more than a few like this. They need help, not just medication or hospitalization!!!

  156. Tat poor little Angel!! My heart is aching, how can ANYBODY bring themselves to hurt a child??? To take such an innocent life. I PRAY that stupid BITCH pays the ultimate price!!! Because she didn’t want him anymore??? Does she have ANY idea how many women out there are devastated because they can’t have children?? How much they would LOVE to have a child. So sad. Rest in paradise little Angel.


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