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Lori Moore and new boyfriend gunned down by scorned ex husband.

Lori Moore
Why had Lori Moore and her new love come to be gunned down?

Lori Moore, 33 and new boyfriend, Lance Griffel, 36 came to be gunned down by scorned ex husband, James Moore during a high school reunion Saturday evening at an Illinois Sports bar.

The ex husband, James Moore 40 is said to have at the time calmly walked inside Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria where he proceeded to fatally shoot his ex wife and new boyfriend. Each would be shot once to the head at close range.

Fearing the potential for mass murder, an off duty FBI worker in turn shot Moore dead.

Although both victims were rushed to the Emergency Department of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center they would be pronounced dead upon arrival.

The couple had been attending an East Peoria Community High School reunion for the class of 1999 when the disgruntled husband walked in around 8 pm and shot them both in front of 100 stunned witnesses.

‘After just a brief moment inside the bar, he pulled out a weapon and shot a female and a male,’ said East Peoria Police Chief Dick Ganschow to the Pekin Times.

‘He was subsequently shot.’

Reacting to the decision by an off FBI officer to fatally shoot the gunman Ganschow contemplated: ‘It’s very difficult to say. You can play the ‘what if’ game over and over again, but I think it’s pretty clear in his case the presence of this officer and his ability to take very quick and very decisive action prevented a further tragedy.’

It has since been revealed that Lori Moore filed for a divorce from Jason A. Moore in March of 2013 and the dissolution of the marriage was finalized in May 2013. Why the marriage came to dissolve is not necessarily understood.

In a June 5 Facebook post, Lori Moore posed happily for a picture with Griffel, giving him the moniker, Sir Lancelot. A posting that may have come to taunt the gunman.

Cops now believe the shooting had been an instance of domestic violence.

Police have not officially identified the gunman, and would not identify the off-duty officer or where the officer worked.

Since the shooting some have come to wonder if the shooter had come to seek revenge at the hands of his former wife or commit mass murder?

It is not understood why the shooter chose this particular location or time to commit the murder, save with the knowledge that it would be attended by former friends who would witness the woman’s imminent demise- something that the shooter may have necessarily intended ….whilst other commentators have expressed chagrin that the off duty officer chose to shoot to kill immediately as opposed to subduing the gunman.

Lori Moore

Lori Moore
Scene of the shooting: Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria