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Amanda Ezra, mother of three dies after vomiting out of a moving van

Amanda Ezra
Amanda Ezra and one of her three children

Amanda Ezra, 24 of Mishawaka, Indiana was killed yesterday morning after she came to suffer a fatal blow after leaning out of a moving van whilst vomiting.

The mother of three tell authorities had been been out drinking with friends on Saturday night before the freak accident occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning.

At the time of the incident, Amanda Ezra was riding in a minivan with four other people. She was allegedly sitting on the lap of a front seat passenger when she leaned out of the window to be sick just before 5a.m.

As fate would have it, the mother’s head struck a telephone pole as the vehicle traveled along the 300 block of Chestnut Street in Osceola, with Ezra dying at the scene. It is not understood if the woman came to die immediately as a result of the blunt trauma or some time later.

St. Joseph County crash team commander Tim Spencer would tell that Amanda Ezra had been drinking and was on her way home from a party.

The driver and one of the three other passengers fled the scene but have since been caught, reports WSBT22.

The driver has been arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, causing serious bodily injury and leaving the scene of an accident.

He is described as in his 20s, from Mishawaka and he is expected to be named later on Monday.

A makeshift memorial had sprung up outside Amanda’s home on Sunday night, while other people had left messages of grief on her Facebook page

According to family, Amanda was trying to get her life back on track.

She had recently enrolled at a local community college and wanted to become a teacher. Her children range in age from two to eight.

Amanda Ezra

Amanda Ezra

Amanda Ezra



  1. Who are you to judge? Maybe she was flipping off her past life? Maybe she was flipping off the people who have hurt her? Maybe she was flipping off people like you who judge people? who knows but last time I checked the middle finger does not make you someone who abuses alcohol. Which makes you ignorant, rude and a jerk for posting such an inconsiderate comment about someone you do not know when she has just lost her life. Obviously her loved ones have seen it so you should feel real proud of yourself now. Great job being a nice person.

  2. This is Amanda’s step Dad Please take the time to understand this Amanda only had a half a wine cooler that evening she was on heart meds also this is why she felt sick Not from the wine cooler I only wish the media would actually ask us the parents what really was going on instead of the rumors hounds just because this child went out and socialized sometimes on the weekend did not mean she drank a lot she was not a heavy drinker she did love to sing and visit with friends Amanda just come out of a 6 year long abusive and domestically violent relationship she was going to concealing to get help for being a domestic abuse victim this girl loved her babies more than anything in this world she was run through hell at the hands of another she moved back to Mishawaka to cut ties with the people who were abusing her and start her new life here she attended IV Tech college she had such a drive to succeed in everything she would do lately as if a new person was climbing out of that little shell Her Mother and I were so very proud of her she was finally free from the grasp of her sadistic partner and was well on her way to recovery It saddens me to think that people would talk bad about someone that had more courage in her little finger than most Hard Core Marines walk a step in her shoes don’t listen to the news and stop with all the negative posting! Respect is given young one we love and miss you so much you are in every orifice our hearts! RIP Baby Girl!

  3. Checking her facebook account does not make me think this was a one time thing. What’s with the middle finger?

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