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Overweight Colombian babies prepare to go on crash diet.

Overweight Colombian babies
Can measures be adopted to bring these children’s weight under control?

Santiago Mendoza and Isabela Caicedo, two morbidly obese Colombian babies, who weigh an incredulous 91 pounds combined, at only 10 months old have come together to lose weight — and live longer.

The 10-month-olds are following a special weight loss program with the help of Colombian health charity Gorditos de Corazon (Chubby Heart).

Columbia’s fattest baby rescued by Chubby Hearts charity

Santiago’s mother, Eunice Fandiño, handed her obese son over to the foundation earlier this year, after his weight skyrocketed out of control to 42 pounds when he was just 8 months old.

Santiago’s mother had confessed that her own ‘ignorance’ had led to her son’s unhealthy weight gain and that, every time he cried, she gave him food or milk to calm down.

At the time, the child’s burgeioning weight problems led to Santiago suffering medical complications as well as having to be hospitalized on several occasions.

Since then, Santiago’s weight has stabilized, and the charity hopes he’ll shed even more pounds in the coming months.

It wasn’t until watching Santiago’s story on television, that Isabela’s mother, Niyered Martinez, was inspired to ask the foundation for help as well.

‘In the first few months, Isabela pestered me all the time — she didn’t sleep, she was just eating and eating,’ she said. ‘We started to try to regulate her food intake, but she wasn’t losing any weight.’

Since getting on the plan, Isabela has already lost 3.5 pounds.

‘We hope with six to eight months using a special diet, the babies could be down to a normal weight,’ said the foundation’s director, Salvador Palacio, adding, ‘Thousands of children in Colombia — and millions around the world — suffer with obesity. From Colombia we have formed an international alliance to help people who are overweight.’

It’s hoped that the children will now reach an average weight within six to eight months.


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