Home Scandal and Gossip Bevalente Michette Hall arrested for placing nuisance 911 Subway marinara call.

Bevalente Michette Hall arrested for placing nuisance 911 Subway marinara call.

Bevalente Michette Hall
Bevalente Michette Hall knows what first class fast food is suppose to taste like better than you.

Kids have you ever had the urge to just look at your glib fast food entree and want to call authorities and demand that someone higher up understands that you of all people deserve the premium sandwich/existence that fast food outlets have come to have us expect? I know I have and I also know Bevalente Michette Hall has too….

Shit hit the fan for the Gastonia, NC woman when she decided this Subway sandwich was definitely not going to pass muster. Instead of dousing her delicious Subway flat bread with pizza sauce, some douche had doused her sandwich with marinara sauce instead.

Yes kids I’m stamping my feet on the ground too. The audacity!!!

Wait a second kids, can someone tell me what the difference between marinara sauce and pizza sauce is anyway? Oh wait, aren’t they actually nearly the same shit? WOAH! Don’t tell Bevalente that, the sandwich would never taste the same anyway.

Told the agitated woman who knows when the world is mistreating her on 911: ‘And it’s terrible,’

(as if anything Subway had to offer really counts for gourmet fine dining in the first place, but Bevalente knows better than you and me)

‘I can’t eat this kind of sauce.’

Naturally cops being concerned that some law abiding citizen might be at the mercy of some mean Subway troll raced over to the franchise where they came across Bevalente’s sad miserable ass and hauled her off to jail for a record breaking three minutes before releasing her on an unsecured $2000 bond.

Because Bevalente Michette Hall knows what fast food ought to taste like in the first place…

The misery can be heard in full below kids, brace yourselves, I know we’ve all been through Bevalente’s woes before too.



  1. calling you a woman would insult all women and dogs everywhere…your welfare check should be on its way any day now

  2. no surprise here, it was to be expected…just look at the name and i am sure she used her EBT to buy the sandwich, was probably just coming from “da club” and decided to stop and “dit hur a sammich” any bets she’s probably a mother of 4-6 kids (all having different “baby daddies) of course “libbin in da prah-jeks” was at the club “tryin to ketch hur nekks baby daddy for mo welfare” and she like her friends are no stranger to the criminal justice system and soon “hur chillin will get familiar with the system as well” how sad, truly sad….smh

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