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Frank Farriella’s body parts injure bystanders after struck and killed by oncoming train.

Frank Farriella
Why did one NJ passenger lean into an oncoming express train?

Frank Farriella, a 50 year old man standing on a New Jersey railway platform was struck and killed by a train Tuesday evening, leading to several other passengers being injured as his body parts struck them.

As the New York-bound express train arrived at the New Brunswick stop, Frank Farriella leaned into its path, and was struck and died.

Three people standing close behind him were consequently forced to hospital as the man’s sliced body parts inadvertently struck them. A fourth person struck only sustained shock.

Other witnesses were said to have been doused by Frank Farriella’s blood as blood splayed along the platform.

A spokesman for New Jersey Transit told the UK’s dailymail witnesses saw Frank Farriella lean over the platform edge and into the path of an express train as it approached.

He was unable to confirm the nature of the injuries that caused Frank Farriella’s death, but added that the circumstances of the incident were currently under investigation.

Jill Rice, who was on the platform at the time of the incident, told CBS New York: ‘I could see the trail marks; blood, as if somebody was dragged. And then I saw the cell phone, his hat, his gloves.’

Another witness added: ‘I almost thought it was a fight or something, from when the train hit him and knocked him into some people.’

A 64-year-old woman who was waiting on the same platform, suffered several fractured ribs after being hit by debris in the horrific incident.

An 83-year-old man was left with back, neck and head injuries, and a 27-year-old complained of head pain after the tragedy. All three were taken to hospital.

The express train had not been scheduled to stop at New Brunswick. It was passing through the station at the time of the incident, with the next stop scheduled at Newark Airport.

Frank Farriella

Michael Iaccarino, who witnessed the incident, told via ABC 7: ‘There was a loud screech and what I would describe as a crack. Something that really hurt my ears or pierced my hearing. 

‘It sounded like it was an express [train] going through, just passing by.’

The train that collided with Frank Farriella was carrying 300 people when it came to a stop at New Brunswick station. No one on board was injured, and passengers were transferred to a separate line while an investigation began.

The rush-hour service also experienced delays as investigators tried to determine what had happened.

New Jersey Transit confirmed an investigation was underway, and issued a reminder to customers that they should remain behind the yellow line until the train arrived. It is not understood why Frank Farriella declined to heed this much tooted warning.