Home Scandal and Gossip Pictures of Chinese father stripping and dragging daughter shock nation.

Pictures of Chinese father stripping and dragging daughter shock nation.

Chinese father stripping and dragging daughter
Why wasn’t this father brought to account for his behavior?

Images of a Sichuan, Chinese father stripping and dragging his daughter 100 meters along a street have shocked a nation. Yet despite the outcry, authorities have told they do not consider the incident abuse.

The disturbing scenes came to be captured by a bystander who took photos on a smart phone as he watched on in horror.

Since the images came to light, Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of twitter with more than 300 million users has gone into frenzy mode.

According to Shanghaiist the father lost his patience after his young daughter refused for hours to wear her jacket.

After loosing his temper, the father is pictured aggressively taking his daughter’s top and jacket off before dragging her violently by the wrists 100 meters down the road. With each step, the father’s rage is unknowingly documented.

Yet according to neighbors, contrary to the images, the father never laid a hand on his daughter and is said to consistently spoil her by buying her everything she wants.  Unconfirmed reports tell that the father bought the jacket he is seen stripping off his daughter.

In the first photo (above), the man, dressed in jeans and winter jacket, sits his young daughter down on the side of the road and starts taking her top and jacket off in what is clearly chilly weather.

From here it appears he is losing his patience as he lifts his daughter to her feet. With the jacket covering her head and eyes, the young girl loses her footing and is unsteady on her feet as she dangles. Sadly a woman walking by watches on but does not intervene and continues walking off.

Once the little girl’s jacket is off, her upper body is naked and exposed in the cold weather. Yet the father is far from finished as he continues to forcefully drag the girl by her wrists.

Chinese father stripping and dragging daughter

With worse scenes yet to come, the man uses his force to latch onto his daughter and by doing so, the little girl is pulled backwards unsteadily onto her bottom towards him with one leg in the air.

Once he has a firm grip of her, the man starts dragging the distraught child into the middle of the road and down the street. With her hands pulled back above her head she is unable to free herself and has no choice but to be dragged on her bottom against her will as her feet dangle in front of her.

Despite the lack of intervention from at least two people walking on the street, it is reported the police did not charge the man with child abuse.

Police would later decide the incident was not severe enough for child abuse charges as, according to them, there was not any ‘obvious beating or abuse.’

Since the images have gone viral there has been wide debate as to whether the father was out of line or not with many speculating what may have preceded the father’s acts. Needless to say it has raised debate as for what constitutes good parenting skills and then some…

Chinese father stripping and dragging daughter

Chinese father stripping and dragging daughter



  1. The father should be charged with child abuse! Where’s the mother? The child seems to be throwing a tantrum! The father is stripping the little girl’s clothes off in freezing weather, he needs to have the child taken from him until he cools off, for 24 hour cool down, until he can act responsible!

  2. It is because girls are not of importance to them in China. If this were a boy it would have been different. He should be arrested and dragged to jail by his wrist.

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