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Have you tried cell phone crashing at the airport yet?

cell phone crashing at the airport
Isn’t it time you cell phone crashed too?

Cell phone crashing at the airport will soon become your favorite social pursuit…

Kids raise your hand if you could just strangle people who insist on making their private cell phone conversations public fodder. Especially when there’s no where to go, like a packed bus, taxi stand, etc to escape their boorish behavior. I know I could.

Which might be why like me you’re secretly smirking at the latest effort courtesy of film maker, Greg Benson of  MediocreFilms who decided to give interlopers a dash of their own medicine.

With his wife secretly filming, Benson set out to annoy rude cellphone users (by naturally being rude himself) as he sat next to unsuspecting users and set out to answer every response whilst pretending he was answering his own phone. Sooner or later, cell phone users started noticing something strange happening and to say the results are hilarious and just desserts is an understatement.

Isn’t it time you had Greg Benson teach you public manners as well…?