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ToiletFinder App looking to hire writer to review public bathrooms. $100 a day.



ToiletFinder App for those of you inclined is in the market for gifted copywriters who will go out and review public bathrooms here in NYC. That’s right your dream of being a paid writer has finally arrived.

Tells brokelyn:  ToiletFinder, a new app from Williamsburg resident and web architect Michael Li, is launching as a user-based review site (think Yelp for bathrooms) that logs bathrooms based on proximity to your current location along with a star rating, and he’s looking for a paid copywriter.

The job may sound simple, noting whether urinals actually work, the demeanor of the rest room (I’ll guide you kids: eerie, soulless, giddy, icky…) whether that shit actually works (yes pun intended) and why it makes for a must use pubic restroom that you’d be willing to hunker down in.

For your lively and well thought out (and yes humorous article, as Michale Li will explain for you below) ToiletFinder will pay your ass (another pun) $20. As long as of course you make us all feel wondrous, giddy and in the toilet using fun mood.

If you make the cut, Li, a Columbia graduate (yes Michael is a big cheese kids) will hire you to be his full time bathroom writing attendant. That’s right kids, $100 a day to write about the efficacy of flushing toilets, oyster plated bathroom floors and of course any salacious detail or observation that might make any reader heavenly giddy. That plus a slice of the site’s Adsense revenue. Yes kids big revenue is on the way soon.

Shouldn’t you be sending Michael Li an inquiry now as to why you too can make going to the toilet the truly indelible and charming experience that we all know that it is?

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Toiletfinder’s craigslist ad reprinted below:

Hello, Craigslist. My name is Michael Li. 

I’m a professional computer programmer and web architect. In other words, I build websites for a living. My LinkedIn profile can be found here: www.linkedin.com/in/michaelili. Feel free to connect with me even if you aren’t interested in my idea, because my rolodex always has room for smart friends.

I am the creator of ToiletFinder.com (http://www.toiletfinder.com), a website that is, well, dedicated to the art and science of finding publicly-accessible venues to do the dirty. As humorous as it sounds, and all joking aside, it’s actually a lot more difficult than one would think. I can explain later. I built ToiletFinder in order to address a universal, legitimate human need, and am seeking a partner in crime that can share in my vision (NYC for now, but rapidly expanding). ToiletFinder.com is on track to making $200-$500 a day within six months, and is just one of the many sites in my portfolio.

The goal of ToiletFinder.com (mobile app for iPhone/Android already in the works) is for people to be able to not only easily find a toilet near them, but to have fun doing it. Think of it like a cross between Foursquare (discovering new toilets), and Fmylife.com (for the joke factor). Of course, everything is completely anonymous, but users may choose to anonymously message and rate each other.

Here is where you come in.

I am running a 1-week Craigslist promotion in order to find my future copywriter and business partner for ToiletFinder. I will be paying the successful candidate $100 / day (via PayPal) for some great Toilet reviews, and this person will also be receiving a percentage of the site’s daily Google Adsense profits.

You must:
– Have a college degree from a 4-year university hopefully majoring in the humanities or something similarly rigorous. If you don’t, but have examples of your work, you’re welcome to participate as well.
– Be a talented and humorous writer (very difficult combination to find).
– Be dependable, timely, accountable (also very hard to find).
– Share in the overall vision of making it easier for people to find a toilet.
– Have an unlimited NYC Metro card (this will be your best friend).
– Have a PayPal account.

Submission Instructions (and rules):
– Check out the website a little in order to get a good feel of things. http://www.toiletfinder.com
– After you feel that you’re ready, navigate to http://www.toiletfinder.com/user/register and create a ToiletFinder account.
– The first 100 users will receive a limited-time “First 100” badge that will never be made available again. This is partially for fun, but submissions with this badge will be given preference.
– Search for, and pick a venue that has not been reviewed, and is accessible to the public on ToiletFinder.com. This should be a venue at which you have personal experience. Write a humorous review for that venue’s toilet. Be creative, helpful, and slightly disgusting. Not necessarily in that order, LOL. Remember, the goal is to have fun while helping to make peoples’ lives easier.
– Email me the link to your ToiletFinder.com profile, and your PayPal email address. From there, I will be able to read your submission(s). If you make me laugh, I’ll PayPal you $20 simply for submitting a good entry.
– There is no limit on the number of venues that you rate. If a ToiletFinder account has more than 1 review, ALL reviews will be evaluated.
– Email me your submission and resume. At the end of the 1-week promotion, I will personally be reviewing all of the submissions and announcing the final winning candidate and copywriter on the ToiletFinder.com website.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Good luck,

  • Compensation: $100/day to the winning candidate, via PayPal.
  • Telecommuting is ok.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

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