Home Scandal and Gossip Python eats man in India. But is it just a hoax?

Python eats man in India. But is it just a hoax?

Python eats man in India
Photo: unlooker.com

Video: Here is a python snake regurgitating a fully grown dog.

Python eats drunk man in India? Making the rounds this morning is the purported tale of one drunk man falling sleeping in India and consequently eaten alive by a python.

The incident is said to have happened in the region of Attapadi in the state Kerala outside a local liquor store. Yes how convenient for the snake.

That said there are signs the tale may just be that as one media outlet goes on to tell that the same above photo has been around the internet for over 12 months, more recently in South Africa, where a South African reporter named Linda Laina Nyatoro claimed to have taken the photo near Durban North, South Africa.

At present none of the stories have been confirmed by any reputable news source although that oughtn’t stop the occasional loose python from swallowing up the occasional drunk straggler….

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