Home Scandal and Gossip Nicholas Cage app, Feeling Cagey? lets you swap his face over yours.

Nicholas Cage app, Feeling Cagey? lets you swap his face over yours.

Feeling Cagey?
Feeling Cagey?

A new app, simply called Feeling Cagey? lets you mere mortals place the image of actor Nicholas Cage‘s face over yours.

The app, the brainchild of one Reddit user named Josh (toucantwist) places our collective hero’s smiling face on random Instagram photos.

Tells the dailydot: “I put the thing together in a weekend after having a discussion in the pub about face detection and then thinking what a great idea it would be to apply the world’s best movie star to Instagram selfies through it,” 

“The original idea was to have it convert entire Vine videos so that any faces became Nic, but that turned out to just be slightly too server intensive.” 

Josh, who works for the marketing company Gamaroff, constructed the app using OpenCV software, which performs facial recognition on a live feed of selfies.

A Reddit link to the app sent about 30,000 people to the Feeling Cagey? site.

Went on to reflect Josh: “It’s nice to do something stupid every once in a while,” Josh said. “[F]rankly the traction it’s gained is ridiculous—I had no idea how well it would do.”

Isn’t it time you finally became the iconic movie hero you know deep down you really are?

Feeling Cagey?

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