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Lonely man, Daniel Kapis killed on his way to surprise wedding invitation.

Daniel Kapis
Daniel Kapis, destined to be alone…

A lonely man, Daniel Kapis, 64 of Canonsburg, Washington County, Pennsylvania was killed this past weekend after being struck by a passing vehicle as he made his way to an unexpected wedding invitation.

Authorities went on to tell, in Mr Kapis’ possession at the time of the accident was a $25 gift certificate he had planned to give the couple along with a wedding card.

The man, said to be live a very lonely life with little to his name, had been invited by the wedding couple, Thomas and Denise Yakopin in an effort to cheer him up and on account of the fact that he was extremely lonely.

The couple had even gone so far as to stipulate that Daniel Kopis not buy them a present because having him turn up at the wedding alone would have made them happy.

At the time, the couple went on to recall Daniel Kapis telling them how excited he was to be attending their special day.

But tragedy struck when Daniel Kapis was walking to the church when he went on to be struck and killed by a passing vehicle.

Thomas Yakopin
Thomas Yakopin

Speaking to the Pittsburgh News, Reverend John Batykefer told: ‘When I found out it was him, it took me back and there was a gasp from the church when I made the announcement yesterday.’ 

‘From what I understand, he had the gift in his hand that they found at the scene of the accident.’ 

The couple, said to be devastated by the news went on to post a tribute to Daniel Kapis on his Facebook page this past Saturday.

Told the post: ‘Our friend Dan K. was hit and killed by a car crossing the highway on his way to our wedding. 

‘Words cannot express the grief my new wife and I have experienced trying to make sense of this loss. 

‘Denise loved Dan and purposed to show him the kindness of our LORD Jesus. Dan was a very special man.

‘Everyday accidents happen, but rarely this close to home. If you would be so kind, pray for Dan’s family, pray for the young man who hit and killed Dan, and pray for my lovely wife, Denise M. Yakopin.’

The gift certificate was for the Olive Garden restaurant which the couple visited on Sunday night in tribute to Daniel Kapis.

Daniel Kapis
A cross decorated with flowers lay at the spot where Mr Kapis was run over on his way to the ceremony



  1. Clearly, it was retribution for the ghastly Olive Garden gift. Had he chosen a legitimate Italian joint instead of the chain schlock-house, he’d be alive today!

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