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Maya Leggat pushed in front of train after refusing to give money to panhandler.

Maya Leggat
Maya Leggat

Twenty one year old student, Maya Leggat has gone on to experience grave injuries after she was yesterday morning pushed in front of an oncoming train by a homeless man after refusing to give him money.

The incident said to happen at White Plains station, NY left commuters horrified as they witnessed the visage of Maya Leggat’s mangled legs on the tracks.

Her assailant, a 39 year old homeless man who lives in a nearby shelter was chased down by witnesses and held until police arrived.

Told Gary Waxman, who runs a news stand at the station: ‘She refused to give him money and he pushed her in front of a train.’

He said the man was often seen at the station begging: ‘He stands out in front and asks for money … Today he decided he was going to flip out and do something,’ 

Went on to add Gary Waxman: ‘Fingers were gone, legs were mangled – that’s what I heard from police.’

Metro North railway police have since identified the girl’s assailant as Howard J Mickens who has now been charged with attempted homicide.

According to Lohud.com Mickens has a lengthy criminal record, including five alleged violent felonies. The nypost goes on to add that Mickens has an extensive violent predicate felony history that includes state prison stints for assault, armed robbery and drug sales.

Told the girl’s father, Rob Leggat: “My biggest concern is that he has been allowed to walk on that platform for six months without anybody doing anything about it.”

Maya, who studies at Hunter College, was conscious when police arrived and was able to describe the attack.

An officer went on to the track and comforted the 21-year-old, who had been on her way to New York City, while they waited for an ambulance.

No passengers were on the train that hit the young woman.

Maya is at present stable and is due to have surgery. Doctors expect her to survive.



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