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Oh really? Christina Andrews stands by roadside with sign begging for donation for bigger breasts.

Christina Andrews
Christina Andrews is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Christina Andrews is in search of your money not because she is starving or homeless but because she is in dire need to get bigger breasts. Not that shit has anything to do with a displaced sense of self or ego, or does it…?

Told Christina Andrews to WEAR-TV recently whilst standing along a busy intersection in Pensacola, Florida:

‘I just want bigger boobs, because I’m not happy with the ones I have and I figured this was a good way to do it.’

And making sure that everyone understands the extent of Christina’s misery, Christina has taken to standing with a bright pink placard with the following inscribed words in violent blue: Not homeless need boobs.

Reflected our collective heroine: ‘People put out signs that they’re homeless. I’m not… so I’m just being honest.’

But how honest?

Despite Christina Andrews’ unorthodox method our highway heroine has nevertheless managed to make some headway towards her goal:

‘I thought people would just laugh and keep riding,’ she told the news station, ‘but they’re like, ‘Hey – here’s some money.’

Of course the question might ought to be who’ll help Christina with the large dose of self esteem that she probably needs to come up with to fill in the large void where her new breasts are meant to go?