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Ebayisajoke: Charles ‘Chuck’ Fitch is outed as Ebays biggest troll.


An internet troll who otherwise goes by the name Ebayisajoke is said to have finally been exposed as Charles ‘Chuck’ Fitch.  A pervasive troll on eBay, Ebayisajoke’s mantra involves putting competing vendors out of business as well affronting the commerce site along with its payment arm, paypal.

Fitch, ended up being exposed after a television reporter, Rob Wolchek, hired private investigators to track down the man who had gone on to relentlessly target individual customers, often sending them a torrent of threatening abuse.

In the end, the individual thought to be responsible for the harassment and trolling on the commerce site was found living in an apartment in the commuter town of Canton, of Detroit, Michigan.

When approached by My Fox Detroit, and asked if he was the internet troll who went by the moniker Ebayisajoke, Fitch went on to decline denying the claim, instead refusing to respond to Wolchek’s assertions.

Nevertheless investigators would go on to later claim that Fitch’s profile of that an obese bachelor who spent the greater part of the day inside, presumably tending to his troll activities matched that of Ebayisajoke.

Ebayisajoke, who the UK’s dailymail tells has his own YouTube channel, is said to dedicate his time to trying to ‘expose’ the internet auction site, accusing it of various crimes and wrongdoings, and talking on camera – hidden by a ghoulish Guy Fawkes mask – about how sellers should use alternative sites.

Using voice alteration software to help keep his identity hidden, Fitch would also use his films to accuse sellers on eBay of malpractice.  It is thought that Ebayisajoke began his abuse, much of which is found on his blog ebayblows.org, after he was shut down by the site for breaking their rules.

Told Rob Wolchek who tracked Fitch down:  ‘He has allegedly been a suspect in many trolling cases in many different forums for the last few years.  I think he has been doing this for years and years and years.

‘There was someone from England who posted online that he had been having some kind of a war with this guy.’


One of the troll’s targets over time would be that of  eBay seller Joe DeMarco, considered to be one of eBay’s great success stories, who has since gone on to expand his Detroit hubcab shop Hubcaps Joe’s into a thriving online business.

So proficient did Joe DeMarco become at selling online, he even produced videos showing other people how to do it.

According to My Fox Detroit, Ebayisajoke decided to target DeMarco, claiming he abused eBay’s significantly not as described buyer’s claim, which is said to let users get a free refund on anything they buy if it is not what they were expecting.

In one online rant, Ebayisajoke told: ‘I’m going to ruin you in every conceivable manner.  First I’m going to target your eBay account…

In another exchange, Ebayisajoke went on to say: ‘You are going to lose your business and I’m going to be sitting back, laughing about it.’

Responded DeMarco to My Fox Detroit: ‘He is sick; he is actually sick in the head.’

Wolchek has gone on to tell that Ebayisajoke’s method is to target small business owners, outbid everyone else and then refuse to pay, so that the seller’s sale fell through.

He would also then give the seller a bad review, something sellers on eBay, where reputation is everything, fear above all.

Nevertheless the outing may in the end may be in vain, as Fitch appears to be more concerned with his online persona, rather than his moral culpability.

Told theDailyDot.com: ‘As far as Ebayisajoke is concerned they didn’t expose anything and everything he was doing online was in fact legal.’

Joe DeMarco is said to have reported Ebayisajoke to the FBI.

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  1. This is not a true story, I never placed any bids on this guys items, if you read the articles at http://www.shillbusters.org you’ll see what’s happening here.

    He has buy it now listings not Auctions, the media got this wrong because they only want to print what they got from Rob Wolchek which was a bogus story.

    Joseph DeMarco works for eBay Motors, friends with Senior VP of sales Roy Daves. Connect the Dots win a Pulitzer Prize.

  2. chuck fitch aka ebayisajoke aka ebiaj is the worst cyber criminal I have ever encountered as an IT guy. He has attacked people using all forms of social media as well as ebay and paypal. currently he is stealing from amazon and bragging about it on his twitter. he has attacked BlueAngelHost as well, which is one of the world’s leading hosting companies. I read a blurb online that several of the larger affected companies that charles fitch has attacked are forming a class and instituting a class action suit. This suit will cover all the contiguous states as well as several foreign countries as well. The attorney generals of all affected states will be involved, and it is likely to last for quite some time. Quoting directly from the source: ” I expect Mr Fitch to be in prison for many years, and upon his release, there will be so many independent suits filed against him that he will be in court till the day he dies”

  3. Or instead of going to your crappy website, people can go to chuckfitchscammer.com and view all the evidence against you.

  4. Where is the proof of bidding on stuff from Hubcapjoes and not paying for it.? I mean honestly why would I want to buy anything from that YouTube rat. All you have to do is look up his past YouTube videos and watch him bash eBay and PayPal all day long. Now because he got called out he done his 360 and came up with this bogus BS crap about me shill bidding and buying stuff off him, I mean why would I want to buy hubcaps, and all his items are Buy it Now not auctions. All you have to do is visit the pod cast interview to get the whole story at Shill Busters. Simply google “eBayisaJoke And Doc Discuss The Charade Pulled On Team eBay”.

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