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Oh really? Vampire graves unearthed in Poland.


vampire grave

Archaeologists in Poland have gone and unearthed the remains of four skeletons believed to be that of vampires.

Affirming the notion that the deceased were indeed skeletons is the fact that the skeletons were found with their heads removed and placed on their legs presumably so the assumed vampires could not suck blood in the after life.

According to ritual, an individual presumed to be a vampire faced grim consequences, including being decapitated, while a more grisly punishment involved hanging from a gibbet until decomposition resulted in the head separating from the body. In both cases the head was then laid on the legs of the victim in the hope that an inability to locate their head would hinder the progress of those intent on rising from the grave.

The UK’s Telegraph goes on to note that historians say that the practice was prevalent in the Slavic region during the decades following the adoption of Christianity by pagan tribes.

According to local media, the remains were said to be found on the construction site of a ring road near the town of Gliwice, and came as a surprise to archaeologists more accustomed to finding the human detritus of the bloody fighting of the Second World War.

Nevertheless speculation is abound as to when the burials actually took place as a lack of adjoining artifice, such as jewellery, belt buckles, buttons could be used to date the burials.

The last recorded instance of a vampire burial within current Polish borders was in the village of Stare Mierzwice, Masovia, in 1914. A corpse was dug up in the village, and the head was cut off and placed between the person’s legs.

Tests are due to me made, so as to determine exact dates of the skeletons in ensuing days.

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