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Joey Chestnut sets another world record at Nathan’s hot dog competition.


Nathan's hot dog

The battle of the hot dogs.

Will you be competing at the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating competition?

It seems Joey Chestnut really does love eating hot dogs after all as the master hot dog eater went on today to win his seventh straight Nathan’s hot dog eating competition after downing 69 franks in ten minutes.

Chestnut otherwise known as Jaws (can anyone guess why?) wowed audiences as he chomped on the good shit and for his efforts taking homing yet another $10 000.

Media reports go on to tell that Joey Chestnut really outdid himself when he managed to scoff down 69 hot dogs compared to his winning feat of 62 hot dogs last year.

Told Joey: ‘….my pace has been uneven in the past, but this year I’m trying to eat a little more gracefully, conserve my energy.’


The only competition came from Matt Stonie. The second place finisher consumed 51 dogs  (that’s 18 behind kids) and buns at the Coney Island battle of intestinal fortitude.

Joey’s win would end up besting his former rival, Takeru Kobayashi who also has seven titles under his belt.

Kobayashi competed in a different eating contest Thursday as he has not appeared at the official Nathan’s competition since he was arrested at the 2010 event following his exclusion due to a contract dispute.

Chestnut and Kobayashi have had a long rivalry, so Chestnut’s victory today- which bests Kobayashi’s 6-year record surely comes as a sweet one.

Interestingly looking on in quiet dismay was Mayor Michael Bloomberg who of late has been valiantly trying to push for healthier eating initiatives in NYC. Not that you really care that much…

Joey is said to have probably put on eight pounds today in lieu of his feats.

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