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Michele Kobke gets a 16 inch waist by sleeping in a corset for 3 years.

Michele Kobke
Michele Kobke

Pony tricks for the self obsessed.

All Germany’s Michele Kobke wanted was a tight svelte waist, but it wasn’t until she hit on the idea of wearing a corset everyday did she come closer to realizing her goal of realizing her ideal female form…

Since wearing a corset everyday, the 24 year old who also sleeps in her corset has seen her waist go from 25 inches to a mere 16 inches, but of course, Michele Kobke reckons she can do better as she now aims to get her waist down to an adult world record of 15 inches.

Told Kobke: “Some people find my shape really attractive.”

Despite reckoning her hourglass figure is graceful and womanly, Michele Kobke has nevertheless come to acknowledge wearing the corset has left her with slew of health problems.

The muscles around her midsection have weakened as she relies more and more on her corset and doctors have warned Kobke there may come a time when she might not be able to move at all without the tight-fitting garment.

She also struggles to breathe and can only eat small meals – avoiding fizzy drinks and gassy foods like beans that could cause digestive problems.

Reflects the single retail assistant: “People are dumbfounded when they pass me on the street and almost do a double take. I get lots of different reactions from men in particular. Some find my shape really attractive, while some are shocked but still find me beautiful. There are also a few who say it’s too extreme. I don’t really care what they think. Everyone’s got their own opinions.”

Tells Kobke on how her new look has made her feel about herself: “I will continue because I feel much more attractive now and I’ve got a lot more confidence.

“I feel my movements are more womanly. I’m far more elegant and graceful.”

And how does one actually go about the task of wearing a corset and arriving at an exceptionally svelte waist?

Explains Kobke: “The key is to tighten the corset by a few inches very gradually to shape your waist. If you try and tighten it too much, too quickly it will be very uncomfortable and there’s even a chance you could fall unconscious – which happened a lot in the old days.

“People say it looks painful but it’s not so bad. I do get pressure marks and cuts from the corset on my skin, which burn a little but I treat them with an antiseptic ointment and they heal very quickly.”

Asked whether she worries about her mortality, Kobke interestingly offers the following:

I’m not worried about the medical implications. I would reconsider if I thought they were serious or wearing a corset could prove fatal – but, as far as I’m concerned, that’s not the case.”

Do you believe Michel kids?

Goes on to add Michel: “I’ve become so attached to my corsets that I don’t feel comfortable when I’m not wearing them. It has become something of an obsession, I can’t imagine myself without my corsets.”

Something of an obsession? That might be the understatement of the year right kids? But then again aren’t we all obsessed with something that we the eye of the beholder can never see as we continue to pursue what we must even at great peril to our sanity, health and well being for a perfect idea in our mind…

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