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Sam Brittle can’t find a job cause employers think she’s too fat.

Sam Brittle
Sam Brittle
Sam Brittle

According to Sam Brittle life is not working out because everyone thinks she’s simply too fat to hire.

Unemployed and recently turned 26,the UK’s Sam Brittle has begun wondering if she might have to get used to spending life on benefits, something she reckons she’s not too keen on but after applying to no less than 850 vacancies she simply can’t land a job.

Sam, who stands at 5 ft’ 4” and whose weight fluctuates anywhere from 19 to 21 stone (266-294) thinks the real reason why she can’t land a job is cause people are put off by her appearance, something that she doesn’t take too kindly to.

“Employers don’t want big people working for them and will find any excuse not to give us a job. It’s unfair and wrong.

“I know people will tell me I am a burden and to wire my jaw shut, but I am who I am, and I’m standing up for all the overweight people out there.

“It is not our fault we’re on benefits and not working.

“I have hormonal problems that make me overweight. If that makes me too fat to work then don’t criticise me for being on benefits.”

Hormonal problems? Or discipline? Or should anyone’s weight really sway whether they ought to be able to do a good job or not? Or maybe a person’s over or underweight could hint at other issues that employer’s are loathe to contend with and could in some way  jeopardize that employee’s ability to get on with things.

Since leaving school in 2008 after taking classroom assistant and child care courses, the UK’s mirror goes on to tell how Sam has applied for child care positions as well as jobs in bars, offices, shops and call centres, but has never got further than an interview.

Offers Sam:“I’m always polite. I look smart and get on with the interviewer. But they tell me I have no experience, and I can’t get a job without experience.

“I think it’s their way of saying, ‘You are too fat and we don’t want you.’”

Adds the 26 year old who now wants to lead a campaign to make people more aware about what it is to be fat and looking for work:

“Label me a ‘benefit fatty’. I don’t care, because I’m proud and happy with my size.

“It’s not me who has to change my attitude or size, it’s everyone else.”

“I am appalled at people ­discriminating against overweight people then blaming us when we are on benefits. I say, ‘Walk a mile in my shoes.’ I’m getting what I’m ­entitled to through benefits – just like a skinny person who is also out of work.

“It’s fatism and notmy fault.”

Sam even reckons it might be a good idea if employers are so hung about how overweight potential employees are that they consider offering programs to help overweight people get rid of their weight.

“If people are so concerned about problems with overweight people on benefits perhaps free Job Centre gastric bands and bypasses are a real solution. In the long run it will save money because severely obese people won’t need NHS hospitalisation.

“I know there are many people who just can’t diet and need help to lose weight so perhaps that’s a solution to get overweight people into a job.”

Kids what do you think? Should an employer have to pay for you if you can’t stop for instance over eating, over sniffing the good shit, over drinking the stiff stuff or whatever other impediment that may exist in your life that is hurting your chances of getting and keeping a job?

Reflects Sam again: “I’ll never be skinny, and why should I change who I am for a job?

“I know people will probably read this and say nasty things, but they haven’t had to live with being big and in my case probably having the fat gene. It’s not my fault I’m in this situation.”

What do you think kids, is it Sam’s fault she can’t move onto the next level or life or society’s?