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Homeless man sues parents for $200 000 because they didn’t love him enough.

Bernard Anderson Bey
Bernard Anderson Bey
Bernard Anderson Bey is not living the American dream.

Unloved children now finally have legal recourse…

Here’s a story kids that will have you wincing. It involves 32 year old Brooklyn man, Bernard Anderson Bey who has set about suing his parents to the tune of $200 000 because they failed to love his ass enough. The lack of affection and support in turn is why Bey insists his life has gone haywire.

And how does Bey plan to settle his grievances with his family? He wants his parents, Vickie and Bernard Manley to mortgage their share of a Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn home so their family can buy two Domino’s Pizza franchises to employ them all.

Tells Bey via the nypost:

“Our whole family is really poor, and my father doesn’t care about the situation. I feel unloved and abandoned.”

Kids, tell me you’re not niggling to raise your hand in despair as well and pick up that phone right now and tell your own parents how much they let down your failed self?

Explains the nypost further:

Bey claims in the self-filed Brooklyn Supreme Court suit that as a child his father beat him, called him “bastard” and “motherf–ker” and did drugs right in front of him.

“Defendant Bernard Manley informed the plaintiff he was entitled to nothing, which is true,” Bey wrote in the suit. “I am not entitled to receive anything from an asset he owns. I only thought he might find pleasure in seeing his children become successful.”

And what does Bey’s mother, Vickie Anderson, think about her son?

“I’m scared of my son. I live in the projects. You want to sue me? What’s next, you coming to shoot up my door?” 

“He’s 32 years old. That speaks for itself. Welcome to America. Everyone in America has the same opportunity. Don’t blame the parents at this point. The choice is yours. You’re an adult.”

Kids what do you think? Does Bey have a leg to stand on? Should his parents cough up some spare change because fate and bad luck got a tough hold on circumstances? Or is this just an indictment on the America dream gone wrong?

While Bey claimed each of his five younger siblings are on public assistance because of their parents’ neglect, a sister called him “crazy” and “a pathological liar.”

“I’m not on public assistance. My parents were not terrible. They did the best they could. He chose the life he’s leading now.”

Bey goes on to tell that he has been arrested on drug charges in the past but is trying to turn his life around and now attends an automotive trade school.

Oh well, if only Bey was born into one of those posh rich families that make up the top one percent of America, assuming that they too had the capacity to love him and throw him an odd million or two to get by…like you of course, right?