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16 year old white girl hired to pose as black girl in ‘African Queen’ editorial.

Ondrian Hardin as the African Queen
Ondrian Hardin as the African Queen

The fashion world is hurling unto itself…

Long sighs have been made pursuant to the release of an editorial for Numéro magazine called “African Queen“. The editorial which aims to depict the aura of an African Queen rather that choosing for many what would have been the natural choice of a black or colored girl instead chose a white model and then naturally painted to make her look black.

The model in question, 16 year old Ondrian Hardin has sparked outrage because the agency she works for happens to also represent several black girls who inevitably did not cut muster.

Reflected one commentator on the web: Can I just say as a young black model (I’m a girl) having worked my ass for the past 3 years, this hurts my soul. I’m happy for Ondria as a person but the amount of times I have been told “oh sorry we already have a black girl that looks like you” or “most of our clients dont hire black girls, sorry” and then I see THIS, it pisses me off ! There are so many beauitful black models out there working TWICE as half for barely half the recognition and the only time they give a shit about us is when they need our dark skin for some “ethnic” photo shoot and in this case with Ondria, they couldn’t even be bothered. Can I see a black girl do SCANDANAVIAN PRINCESS please? Hmmm?

And then there was this curt reflection which hit the sweet spot too:

I don’t understand how this keeps happening. Like, this shit happens every fucking week. Do people on fashion not read? Do they just not care? Do they think this is a great way to to get some publicity?

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