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Humiliated mother goes from size 16 to size 6 after running into an ex flame…

Sarah Clancy
Sarah Clancy
Sarah Clancy
Sarah Clancy

Running into an ex flame can sometimes take the best of us by surprise, even under any normal circumstances, but things became unbearably uncomfortable for one woman when she ran into her ex flame who at the time was with a considerably much slimmer woman. So crushed was Sarah Clancy by the experience that she vowed to return to her former glory days.

After much discipline, exercise and attention to her diet Sarah Clancy can now proudly attest she has been able to go from a size 16 to a taut size 6, and she unequivocally thanks her ex for the remarkable change, saying she has never felt happier.

Explains Sarah Clancy: ‘Of course any break up hurts but I was very self-conscious about my weight and seeing my ex with a much slimmer woman was devastating.

‘I convinced myself my weight must have been the reason we split  and vowed to do something about it once and for all. It the most embarrassing moment of my life but also the best thing that has ever happened to me.’

Sarah Clancy
Sarah Clancy went from a size 16 to a size 6, losing over a 100 pounds.

Reflects Sarah Clancy on embarking on a new stricter eating plan that would eventually see her losing much weight and returning to a healthier her:

‘Just remembering how mortified I felt seeing him with a much slimmer woman was enough to keep me out of the fridge,’ she says.

‘I suppose a part of me wanted to show him what he was missing. My appetite went from being ferocious to non-existent.

‘People talk about the heartbreak diet but it’s true. I’d never lost weight so quickly.’

According to Sarah Clancy, her weight gain had been precipitated by her pregnancy with her daughter as she began eating for two. Unfortunately Sarah continued eating for two after her daughter was born and soon found herself ballooning in shape and size.

‘I was miserable and lethargic but told myself I was happy as I was.  As soon as I woke up the frying pan would go on for a bacon butty and then I would snack on crisps and chocolate until lunch.’

Soon her BMI passed 30 and then the inevitable occurred too:

‘My boyfriend said my weight didn’t bother him but deep down I was sure it did.

‘It wasn’t just the way I looked, but the way I felt. I had no confidence and didn’t want to do anything.

‘When we split up 2010 I was devastated. I vowed to diet but still couldn’t get the motivation.’

Sarah Clancy
Sarah Clancy: Sarah would usually eat an unhealthy plate of chips for lunch and have a takeaway for dinner, but decided to lose weight and get in shape.

Humiliated after the chance meeting and vowing to finally return to a healthier her, Sarah Clancy followed a plan that included her sticking to three healthy meals a day including cereal, salad for lunch and grilled meat and vegetables.

That along with restricting her calorie intake after 5pm Sarah Clancy was eventually able to notice discernible differences in her physique.

Says Sarah Clancy two years down the track:

‘It’s been two years since that embarrassing moment and my body is completely transformed. I’m slimmer and more toned than ever, I dress how I want and I’m so confident, nothing at all like the woman I used to be.

‘I’m pleased it happened and there’s certainly no hard feelings, in fact I have a lot to thank him for. I needed a push.’

And then there was this comment courtesy of one reader that made me think as well:

She looks amazing but i have to say her ex can’t be up to much if he judges by appearance. She’s better off without him.

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Sarah Clancy
Sarah Clancy: ''I know how hard it is to lose weight so I would love to be able to help other women. I know how it feels and what they are going through and I can tell them honestly that they can get there. If I can do it so can they.'


  1. sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to see yourself for what you have become before making a change for the better. good for you baby..

  2. Sweetie you look gorgeous! But just a little friendly advice, PLEASE don’t tan. The orange tan takes away from your natural beauty. It just doesn’t suit you! I have pale skin and it’s such a gorgeous thing. We are fortunate us porcelain skinned women. It’s rare and it’s beautiful! As for your journey, you deserve a big congratulations!

  3. this is all nonsense – he probably dumped her because SHE was insecure about herself. that’s not attractive or sexy.

  4. i don’t think she actually had any surgery done, your breast WILL shrink when you lose weight and if she’s excersizing as well they will become more perky and not sag. And what’s wrong with a little lasik? =)

  5. Haters will hate. You look awesome girl. Whatever motivated you to do what you needed to do was good enough. Keep up the good work.

  6. …Wow. It’s great that she lost weight and got healthier, it really is. It’s also okay if she needed a little “push”. However, the fact that she seemed to loose the weight because she felt insecure about an ex can’t send a good messaged to her children. She’s giving way too much power to an ex who probably doesn’t care. That’s just as embarrassing. The tan is, as well.. I suppose if she wants an orange tan it’s none of my business, but that’s generally something only people who try to hard do.

  7. Good for her but it wasn’t just weight loss. She obviously had breast surgery and alot of fake tanning as well as contacts or corrective eye surgery. In the long run its kind of sad she couldn’t do this for her but as in a way get back at an ex boyfriend.

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