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NJ mom now denies she slapped her daughter’s bully on school bus. Slammed his head…

Rebecca Sardoni
Rebecca Sardoni

28 year old NJ mother Rebecca Sardoni is said to be facing charges of assault after confronting her 9 year old daughter’s tormenter on a school bus recently. This despite Mrs Sardoni’s latest assertion that she had never once laid a hand on the boy who she had only come to ‘talk’ to.

Nevertheless witnesses point to a different unfolding of events. Rebecca Sardoni is said to have in a fit of rage boarded a school bus where her daughter’s purported perpetrator was said to be and proceeded to curse and then slap the boy as well as another boy sitting next to him.

Meanwhile Rebecca Sardoni’s mother, 51 year old Stephanie Sardoni whom she had also brought along is also said to have yelled at the two boys.

The two women who were arrested this past Friday and subsequently charged, Rebecca Sardoni with assault, criminal trespass and making terroristic threats, whilst Stephanie Sardoni was charged with only criminal trespass.

Reiterated Rebecca Sardoni yesterday who now regrets ever boarding the bus:

“I was upset. I wasn’t crazy-woman upset. I don’t put my hands on my own kids. I would have never put my hands on anyone’s kid.”

Then added: “It’s crazy that this got blown into me doing something wrong — me and my family — when this is my daughter that is the victim.”

For her part Rebecca Sardoni is now considering sending her daughter to a new school and insists that her daughter will now longer be taking the bus.

According to authorities, the two boys who received a ‘visit’ from the young girl’s mother were later treated for cuts to their egos mouths. One of the boys was even later transported to hospital for a suspected neck injury.

The cut to the lips is said to have been caused when Rebecca Sardoni is said to have slammed the child’s head against the bus window.

Ultimately one has to wonder whether by taking the matter in her own hands Rebecca Sardoni did more harm than good and in essence some would argue became a bully herself. One wonders how different the matter could have been handled if school authorities had been involved but one gets the feeling that often doesn’t lead to much being resolved and the bullying often going on tacitly or at least exposing the child to further sleight of hand at other tormentors in the future.

Who knows maybe Rebecca Sardoni did the right thing as it is probably quite unlikely that the boy involved in the bullying will ever want to bully Rebecca Sardoni’s daughter, let alone look at her…but then again what kind of message is being sent to society when a parent can now come looking for their child’s tormentor and take the law into their own hands?

School authorities to date have declined to comment.



  1. She’s no bully, that was vigilante justice. You lay a hand on someones kid, something is bound to happen, whatever that may be. Clearly the parents weren’t punishing their kids for bullying other children so someone had to do it and the system sure as hell won’t.

  2. Yes I understand a mother must defend her child at all costs and bullying is destroying the lives of so many children all over the world, but she is an adult and this is a child she shouldn’t have touch that kid, I don’t know it is a very delicate situation, find this article of Rebecca Sardoni with more pics here http://showbizdaily.net/?p=1712

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