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Mother kept her 3 year old son locked covered in feces, urine and flies.

Heather A. Lacey
Heather A. Lacey

Can anyone please help me understand human beings…?

Here comes a story that ought to compel one to try and understand the nature of human beings…

dailymail.co.uk: A mother has been accused of locking her three-year-old son in conditions ‘not fit for an animal’ for 22 hours a day.

Investigators discovered the toddler lying naked on a bed surrounded by flies and covered with urine. 

The walls of his room and bed were covered with feces as he had no access to a toilet.

No access to the toilet because it never occurred to the mother, cause this was her way of punishing a child for crimes it could never have committed in a billion years, or simply it was the mother’s way of getting even at a child for damages caused in her mind?

According to police reports witnesses told of banging against the wall, of a child wailing to be fed and let out.

Offered one arresting officer,  Dewitt Police Investigator Randy Andrews after the mother, 25 year old Heather A. Lacey was apprehended:

Basically, I think I’ve seen animals treated better than this,’

‘I compare it to an abused animal, that’s how this child was treated.

‘The child was locked in anywhere from 20 to 22 hours a day with very little, was never allowed out to use the bathroom, had to survive by himself, was brought out once a day for one meal, one big meal.’

Then there was this from one witness: ‘All of the times I have been in the apartment I never saw [the child] out of his room.

‘I’ve heard the [the child] banging the walls inside the room and Heather didn’t do anything.’

Didn’t do a thing? Because this is how Ms Lacey was once treated as a child? Because this was her way of punishing the father of the child? Or simply because the capacity to love had just evaporated from her or is there simply something more sinister at play?

One case worker wrote: ‘Heather stated if [the child] wanted food, he could have asked for it. I found that troubling because he is three-years-old and couldn’t talk. 

‘The only food in the residence that I observed was candy and Cheetos.’

‘She said that she knew when the child was hungry by the way he yelled. It was a hunger yell, instead of just a regular yell.

‘So, he wasn’t really verbalizing what he wanted, probably because he doesn’t know how to verbalize what he wants.’

Are we to really believe that Ms Lacey was simply waiting for the child to verbalize its demands? Could we also wonder on the flip if this was Ms Lacey’s way of verbalizing her own demands? But what were her demands anyway? And why for that matter didn’t social services tend to this matter earlier when it was obvious something was terribly wrong?

Reports another witness, Phyllisa Shipp: ‘He hadn’t been bathed at all. I could tell he hadn’t washed in awhile. The smell was horrible, horrible.’

So much for maternal instant one wonders….

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  1. Very true Ray. There are a lot of people that don’t understand what it is like not to have parents to guide them through life and a lot of people that do are rude and opinionated based on how they see the situation rather than on what the situation is like for the person that has to deal with it. I hope the best for Heather too. She deserves to finally have a nice life just as well as her child does.

  2. Heather is a great woman. She was struggling as a single Mother, trying to earn money to take care of her Son on her own. She never had parents to take care of her. Some people will never understand what its like not to have parents.

  3. All those neighbors who suspected something was up…but did nothing! They’re nearly as guilty of child abuse as the mother

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