Home Pop Culture What diet? Here’s Kim Kardashian looking bigger and bigger.

What diet? Here’s Kim Kardashian looking bigger and bigger.

And this is the Kardashian family filming their latest hoodwink for society...
And this is the Kardashian family filming their latest hoodwink for society...

I don’t know kids, the more my eyes grasp Kim Kardashian‘s visage the more I keep wondering, is she really running those half marathons during her lunch break (which probably begins at 11.30 am and finishes at 5.30pm), is she really on that supposed wonder diet I keep hearing the tabloids telling us about, is she really on that radiant love kick punch with Kanye West or is she just letting it all hang out and simply not giving a damn?

Then again it’s none of my business what Kim does but then again part of me wants to reach through this page and beg her to stop making me care about all those exquisite make up treatments, bath towels, credit card deals, gold tinsel paper towels she hawks and the behind the scenes secrets of her existence that I am supposed to never ever care about.

But I just don’t anymore, the more Kim struts down that beach claiming that she is the hawt bixch of good taste and the tinge of exquisite sexiness the more I keep asking myself how did Kim Kardashian ever manage to get away with her fake banal platitudes? Worse I keep asking how did she manage to con all us human beings for so long? Are we really all that mystified and blown away by this non entity trash tabloid star? Really does one secret porn tape on the side really lead to this multi million dollar running joke?

Never mind Kim, me and the chipmunks think you look good in your latest bikini outfit, despite wherever you picked up that kryptonite gold belt from… Blah!

Yes that's Kim going over her lines of misery to the left with Chewbaca her sister, Kourtney.
And there's Kim conspicuously hiding her svelte figure....
And here's Kim waddling in the water searching for the meaning of life...


  1. Whoever wrote this is an awful, hateful, ugly person who is obvs just jealous Kim is hotter than they’ll ever be (and hotter than most people on the planet). Her beauty is why she’s famous, in fact. Like it or not beauty is why most women get famous. Maybe that’s is what you should be railing against rather than perpetuating objectification. Waddle? Please. Those curves are one of the World’s Greatest Wonders. BTW: stop perpetuating that there is only one kind of beauty, rail thin. The fact that Kim is famous even if it’s just for her beauty, curves and all, seems like a positive change from the sickly skeletal norm which is really what’s damaging to women – not Kim and this awesome super hero swimsuit.

  2. Whoever wrote this trash is clearly a
    big time HATER, honey the hate is oozing all up out of you, so sad that your
    life is miserable and the only thing that helps is trying to down someone else,
    problem is not matter how much you hate she will still be rich, beautiful and
    successful not to mention she is LIVING HER FREAKING LIFE TO THE FULLEST. While
    haters like you sit on the computer and try to figure out how to bring her
    down. Losers will always be losers and winners will always be winners, because
    winners know how to continue to win, and losers always, always continue to
    wallow in their self-pity and why them not me misery which is a recipe for
    failure. So sad!!

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