Home Nightlife The Kills pack them in at Milk Studios. ‘Dream and Drive.’

The Kills pack them in at Milk Studios. ‘Dream and Drive.’

Photography by Ricardo Garcia via redhot-society.com. Allison Mosshart of the Kills

Thursday night turned out to be quite a heady affair as a hodge pot of who’s who in the scene (or just desperate to be seen in the scene, I can never tell anymore) turned up for Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart of the Kills’ photo book retrospective by Kenneth Cappello; ‘Dream and Drive.’ ‘Tiaras.’

Seen at the event (and later at the Electric Room) included Adrien Grenier, Elijah Wood, Michelle Hicks, Tiki Barber and of course the usual too cool for your eyes (someone commented to this author it was a mini version of ‘what one finds in Berlin these days, except the people here actually smile back at you.’)

As for the photos themselves, they were rivetting and one couldn’t help but wonder what was almost an exercise in grunge or just give them hell has many years later become a cult like following that had all the cool kids strumming out the doors in hipster and celebrity swagger.

A bon chic evening.

Much thanks to Ricardo Garcia for the following photos where you can go to his site and hopefully glimpse more photos of your hawt uber self.

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