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Salon offering waxes to girls under 15 years of age draws outrage.

Uni K Waxing promotion

How old should a girl be before she starts waxing? That is the question being posed subsequent to reportsthat one beauty salon chain, Uni K Waxing has caused public outrage with the revelation that it offers waxing to girls under the age of 15. In fact the chain has even gone out of its way to toot its services by running a promotion offering teens a 50 percent discount on the removal of any unwanted body hair.

States the company’s ad: ‘During the month of July girls 15 and under can enjoy their FIRST waxing experience and find it NATURAL, SAFE and PLEASANT,’ the company’s poster states.

The chain claims that hair removal will give young girls ‘independence’ throughout the month.

Reflects Carlos Calderon, the chain’s director of operations: ‘We want them to celebrate freedom and independence all July when they go out with their Moms and experience this waxing treatment. It goes along with our country.’

Whether one is free or not to go and wax seems to be besides the point rather the question being raised is whether the outlet is promoting a type of attitude amongst young girls that because they have attained a wax that they are now women of the age of consent and thus by implication able to manifest and accept the responsibilities of a woman’s actions? On an even more literal level one is also compelled to wonder how many 14 or 15 year old girls are there that are so biologically advanced that they need a waxing in the first place? Not that a woman should be compelled to wax one way or the other, although in instances of unwanted body hair one supposes such services are valuable.

The chain does though mandate in order for a child to have a waxing session a parent must join them. Yet what is beguiling in its statements, is its assertions that ‘the benefits of our waxing system are providing these young girls with a hygienic solution that in the long run will leave their hair progressively thinner and lighter.’ Wouldn’t one presuppose that a young girl has light and thin body hair in the first place? Why promote the idea she needs this service at an age were such a regard is misplaced and perhaps only suitable once she’s a fully developed woman? Then again reminding women who are so often besot with self reservations and deep angst about their being that they can always do something better and look better knows no bounds in our society.

The outlet has issued a statement since criticism of its promotion became widespread:

For the past 22 years, Uni K Wax has been in the hair removal industry providing young girls who are facing unwanted hair growth with an approach that is safe and affordable. Our wax is 100% all-natural and ideal for sensitive skin. It is elastic and applied at body temperature. Hair removal has been practiced for centuries, and it is something most young girls go through. We offer the parents a unik solution for their daughters. For many years we have seen mothers bringing their daughters and even granddaughters to our centers for waxing services. Our July promotion was aimed to parents since they are the decision makers. It gives them an opportunity to make their daughter’s first waxing experience natural, safe and pleasant. Our waxing specialists are rigorously trained to use our proprietary wax and to provide the highest level of customer service. The benefits of our waxing system are providing these young girls with a hygienic solution that in the long run will leave their hair progressively thinner and lighter. This is not a trend, it is not grooming; having hair removed is a hygienic necessity. Salons and spas are in the grooming business, we are centers that specialize only in hair removal. 




  1. I don’t see why the outrage. Girls are going to remove unwanted hair either way. There are many girls that develop lots of unwanted, dark hair at an early age that might even make them feel embarrassed. I think that the salon is looking at the bigger picture. Some girls, depending on their ethnicity, grow hair young and want to remove it. For them this is just like brushing their teeth, putting deodorant on. We don’t all grow the same. Why should we force all young girls to be the same when they do not all develop the same? Why put an exact age to the right time to wax when we are all different and come from different backgrounds?

  2. Its not like these girls wouldn’t be getting rid of that hair anyway! At 14-15 I remember having those kind of issues, and I wish I would’ve known that waxing was going to last longer than a daily shave and avoid those razor burns. If its there at that age, I can assure you the girls want it out, and if the girls want it out, they’re going to do it one way or another.

  3. It’s called the “fu¢kability mandate.” It doesn’t matter how smart you are or what your accomplishments are, if you’re not creating b0ners everywhere you go, you’re a failure as a woman and as a human being. NOTHING is more important than being hot.

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