Home Nightlife Quicksuites launch party. NYC office rental with a smart twist.

Quicksuites launch party. NYC office rental with a smart twist.

Socialite Cass Almendral to the right.
Socialite Cass Almendral to the right.

Office workers aren’t suppose to get along are they? Well of course they do but that’s hardly what merits the fete that took place at NYC’s Quicksuite at 79 Madison last week where entrepreneurs and partners David Ebrahimzedeh and Gus Moy invited a congregation along to celebrate the launch of their clever office suites.

Designed to offer entrepreneurial outlets savvy and flexible options as they expand their terrain and finesse the horrid office rental market that one is obliged to deal with the suites can be seen as as an innovative way to combat expenses and commitments  that one isn’t necessarily ready to embark on in their formative years. With a feel of a boutique hotel and well heeled tenants Quicksuites may well be the prototype of where NYC office rental market heads going forward.

Guests who dropped by to enjoy refreshments last week included the following: Cass Almendral, owner of CassWorld.com Social Network,Maggie Miller, Singer/Songwriter, Audrey Cady, Finance Analyst, Niche Media, Lucy Hislop, Marketing Director, LivingSocial and the odd scoundrel of course.


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CassWorld Presents – QuickSuites Launch Party from Am Media Group on Vimeo.

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  • Dennis Christopher

    Ohhhh we didn’t realize that Cass Almendral was a “SOCIALITE” we just thought he was a party crasher who liked to go to parties and invite drunk girls to his- soon to be repossesed- Hamptons house. Why all of a sudden is Scallywag writting so much about this guy, does anyone really care what party Cass goes to.