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Have you tried the anti cheating wedding band yet?

The $550 Anti-Cheating wedding band
The $550 Anti-Cheating wedding band

Attention Married spouses!! I introduce to you the $550 Anti-Cheating wedding band that will keep your partner in check.

I cannot count how many times I have been out wreaking havoc all over Manhattan and upon meeting men notice shiny wedding bands that soon disappear the next moment I glance down to “double check”.

One time I remember particularly was when I was out having after work cocktails with a girlfriend. The two gentlemen beside our table started chatting us up and so we learned a little more about these men. Speciman A was a business man who was showing Speciman B a good time during his trip to New York in hopes that he would sign onto a new deal.

The fellows invited us for a drink at Beauty and Essex and so my friend and I obliged. While sitting down and sipping on two bottles of champagne and listening to how these men “only eat steak that is cooked with liquid nitrogen” I noticed that Speciman B was sporting a wedding ring. I paid no mind to this thinking hey, he’s entitled to a night out just like anyone else. What I did find peculiar, however, was the fact that when he returned from a trip to the bathroom he no longer had the band on his left hand. Nothing could be worse, I thought then getting caught taking off your wedding ring. If you’re going to flirt/cheat/entertain the idea of all of the above, at least have the sense to leave to the ring on, or did he assume we were ding bats who would just never notice?

Well I notice – because I notice EVERYTHING – but that’s just me. For those girls and boys out there who are not so swift with the left-hand check, or for the significant others who just can’t get a handle on their partners who possess roaming eyes, the Anti-cheating wedding ring may be just the thing for them.

For the low cost of $550 (really – who CAN put a price on fidelity???) you can purchase a wedding band that contains the word MARRIED on the inside. The word is imprinted on the finger and so even if the ring is taken off the imprint is still left behind.

Definitely a clever way to make sure that your man/woman can’t pull one over the eyes of their prey (and when I say prey I mean NOT you).

At the end of the say $550 is not all that expensive, especially compared to the costs of therapy or divorce.

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  1. Except that leaves no assurance that the man won’t simply wait for the “MARRIED” imprint to fade before returning from a convenient trip to the bathroom…

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