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Judge sentences honor student to jail for truancy.

Diane Tran is not having a good time these days.
Diane Tran is not having a good time these days.

Be warned high school miscreants. Jigging class will now see your hawt bixch ass landing in jail.

Here’s a story that will affirm your deepest suspicions that Texas isn’t a bad place after all. It goes something like this:

cbsatlanta: An honor student in Texas was thrown in jail after she missed too many classes at her high school.

A judge issued Diane Tran, 17, a summons Wednesday for her excessive truancy after she missed class. She was arrested in open court.

Last month, Tran was issued a warning by the judge for missing school.

Tran said she works both full-time and part-time jobs, in addition to taking advanced and college level courses.

But just in case you think the Judge Lanny Moriarty threw the book at Tran because she’s a hawt mess getting high in the bathrooms or feeling up all the boys when she should be in class the truth of the matter is it has more to do with the fact that life is sometimes a son of a bixch and managing to juggle its madness can be incredibly vexing especially when your ass is broke, belongs to a broken family and is in charge of taking care of your disorientated kid sister:

“She goes from job to job from school. She stays up until 7 a.m. in the morning doing her homework,” said Devin Hill, a classmate and co-worker.

On top of that, Tran said her parents spilt up and moved away, leaving her to support her younger sister.

The judge admitted that he wanted to make an example of the teen.

Tran had to spend 24 hours in jail and had to pay a $100 fine.

Nevertheless the judge (does the fact she’s Asian have anything to do with this shit by the way?) wanted to make an example of Tran cause once you let one of them out the door then it wont be long before the whole damn lot of them start misbehaving- and that shit will never pass in a state like Texas.

The moral of the lesson? Next time you attempt being an honors student please be sure to be born into a wealthy stable family where you wont suddenly have to find yourself fending for yourself even if that means going against the grain to keep your head above water.

Isn’t it time more judges made examples of honor students too? Especially ones like Ms Tran who may or may not fit into the correct prototype of the future of Texas? Let’s hope Ms Tran keeps managing getting those A’s, or will she?



  1. Texas is a shitpile anyway. In most states, school is optional after the age of 16. It’s too bad this girl doesn’t have any money. If she had an attorney, she could get this reversed immediately. The judge wouldn’t sentence a white male jock for truancy, I bet. But an Asian girl who works for a living and takes care of a younger sibling? Time to send a message.

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