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High school drop out from squalor makes into Harvard.

Dawn Loggins
Dawn Loggins

Dawn Loggins makes a pledge not to be a loser like her parents and has now found herself getting into Harvard.

Here’s a tale that might help put into perspective the social economics at play when it comes to climbing up (or staying downtrodden) in the food chain of greater USA. Then again Dawn Loggins’ plight might be a typical one or it may be one of concerted faith and discipline to rise above her station, assuming someone takes notice of you…

dailymail.co.uk: Homeless, abandoned by her parents and once declared a high school dropout, a hardworking 18-year-old has turned her life around earning her acceptance into Harvard University with scholarship this fall.

High school graduate Dawn Loggins says her life in Lawndale, North Carolina first started out in decay, among bullying and a broken home surrounded by drug use and squalor before eventual abandonment by her parents.

‘I looked around at my family and I saw the neglect, the drug abuse, the bad choices and I saw my family living from pay check to pay check,’ she recounted to WBTV.

How many pupils out there can say they haven’t gone through the same thing? Abandoned, exposed to ongoing tumultuous strife and worse watching their household become a living waking basket case. How many individuals haven’t wished they could wake up and find themselves removed from such torrid conditions? How many individuals haven’t set out to rise above these challenges and how many individuals ever rise to the occasion but most interestingly how many individuals can actually get an ivy league institution committed to the absorption of an elite socio economic order and the high fees they pay to stay in the club to ever make an exception and give them a green pass?

The young woman’s struggles have been insurmountable to say the least. Separated by her immediate family (can you guess why?) and now living with her grandmother, Loggins offered the following:

‘There was trash all over the house. She never really explained to me like that it was important to shower, it was important to take care of yourself. So I would go months at a time without showering. I would wear the same dress to school for months at a time.”

This in itself brought a slew of criticism that included being called ugly, foul and general appall should Loggins dare even mention that she had a crush on one of the boys at school.

Then one day things took a change when a school guidance counsellor saw something in the student that others hadn’t. She was taken on a shopping spree to buy new clothes and even offered a job as  a high school custodian and if you can believe this, her first ever toothbrush…

And then there’s this:

Striving to get back on track, despite deemed a high school drop out after missing two-months of school, Ms Loggins took online classes to catch up while maintaining a straight-A academic record, despite several school transfers.

Offering once again: ‘There would be times we went without power or water for months at a time. I remember doing my homework by candlelight ‘cause I am that determined to succeed.’

And then the unbelievable, the thing that every aspiring student wishes to hear:

Gaston Gazette: ‘Dear Ms Loggins,’ the letter read

‘I am delighted to report that the Admissions Committee has asked me to inform you that you will be admitted to the Harvard College class of 2016… We send such an early positive indication only to outstanding applicants…’

Harvard for their part have offered to waive Loggins school fees, room and board and fortunately  for the student she has been able to secure financial aid.

Offers Loggins: ‘I want to help with new discoveries, and I want to help make the world a better place.’

Who of course can’t feel good about what this young woman has been able to achieve but despite the feel good story that this woman’s travails has inspired let’s be honest and admit there are a torrent of other young boys and girls undergoing going through the same trauma and frankly not making it anywhere near ivy league institutions like Harvard’s radar…


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