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Jay-Z stars in Rocawear ad championing his rise. But is it legit?

Jay Z Rocawear
Jay Z Rocawear

Hmm, here comes a new ad courtesy of Rocawear and its chief executive officer who try the neat trick in the space of 30 seconds of re affirming each other’s sex appeal and image.

With a clever jingo the rapper tries to impart that his ascent is every urban man’s ascent. From the hood and cutting back to high worth necklace we are reminded once again in the misogynistic world of rap that a man is only worth something when he can control his swag, what he can afford to to buy and don’t get me started on all them bixches who got to play second fiddle to da man.

Gesticulates Jay-Z: “Wherever you grow up, that’s your root, right?” Jay asks. “My goal was to have one gold album, and that was it, and then it became, ‘I want to show that artists can extend to the executive ranks.'”

That might be true but as a Rocawear executive life has been tough and ugly and Jay Z recently found himself having to cull half of Rocawear’s employees, but then again one figures this hardly fazes him either.

And he vibes: “I wanted to show that artists can ascend to the executive ranks. Rocawear just keeps reinventing itself and redefining itself every single day.”

He might be a black man from the urban ghetto but one thing is certain, the black man seems to be more interested in assimilating the aspirations of a white man’s values of wealth, consumption and high net worth except a bit more on the tacky edge. After all how many pounds of the good shit can you wear around your chest and how many toys and fast cars before one says- enough?

It’d be nice if the occasional rapper, and I mean you Jay-Z put away the machismo, the fast cars, the status symbols and attempted to appropriate one’s roots back to where you came from as opposed to where you’re trying to run to…



  1. Do you not know what this rapper does? I’m going to need you to seriously do your homework..He helps the UN with the water crisis in Africa and he also went to Africa and gave money to help spare the trek and hard work of getting water..Yeah, so get it together and do some RESEARCH before you decide to create and article. At least what he’s doing is better than these upcoming rappers doing nothing but talking about the same thing sex, women, drinking, weed, and money, so write about them and talk about how they don’t do shit, (Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, hell even Kanye West!) because Mr. Shawn Jay Z Carter does not sit and play around with his cars and money all day, he gives back and he IS LEGIT!

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