Home Scandal and Gossip Rosie O’ Donnell is a ‘loser’ reckons Donald Trump.

Rosie O’ Donnell is a ‘loser’ reckons Donald Trump.

Donald Trump will always be adored by Rosie O' Donnell
Donald Trump will always be adored by Rosie O' Donnell

Donald Trump will always stick a knife in your back when the going get roughs…

Kids there is sunshine today ebbing and flowing in that part of the world called Donald Trump’s river vista view of his ego. Choosing to go public today to share his sentiments as to why talk show host Rosie O Donell had the rug dragged out of underneath her feet the hawt bixch had this to offer:

huffpo: Trump, who has a long-running feud with O’Donnell, hit out at the host during his regular Monday morning call to “Fox and Friends.” He insisted that “she’ll never make it,” and that he could have predicted the cancellation of her show.

“Frankly, that was just going to happen,” Trump said when co-host Steve Doocy asked for his reaction. “I knew it immediately when they announced it. Rosie fails at everything. She had a variety show, it failed. I mean, she — I don’t understand now, somebody else, some moron will come and hire her again to do something else and that will fail. At some point, let her rest. Let her go away.”

Kids, let’s be honest with friends like the Donald who needs enemies?  But frankly I can’t seem to find a way to wind down the goosepimples percolating on the back off my skin with the knowledge that the Donald will never pass up an opportunity to stick a knife at the back of a falling assailant.

The hawt bixch went on to offer the following kick to Rosie who to be sure has been moaning like a stunned mullet on the back of a rickety fishing troll:

“She must have a very good agent,” he added.

If the Donald doesn’t make one to want to stick a butcher’s knife against the back of one’s wrist who can?

The moral of the day? When life is bleak and you can no longer hold your own as a omnipresent media whore for the masses, fat cats like the Donald will always be waiting in the wings to toss you off the lifeboat and into the abyss where the hallowed laugh of ones detractors will forever resonate. Never mind, one day the Donald will himself find sprawling on the tarmac with copious blood rushing from his temple…..right Rosie?