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Zooey Deschanel wants to show you her household bills now that she’s getting divorced.


Admit it, we’ve all thought about it. How much money do celebs actually make and gosh where do they actually spend all that money? Up their nose?

That said with the announcement that actress/hipster role model (so I have been told) Zooey Deschanel is calling it a day with Ben Gibbard, indie musician. The upshot it seems is that Zooey bixch got some money stacked under them pillows, and lots of it too….

Courtesy of TMZ/Gawker the breakdown is as follows:

$1,578,000 in the bank, $1,645,000 in stocks and about $693,300 worth of property, for a total net worth of $3,916,300. And the various media conglomerates that employ her to be endearingly helpless on camera and sweetly coquettish on microphone are giving her $95,000 a month.

$95 000 a month? Well kids that’s $93 500 more than my combined salary with the chipmunks Vladimir and Fyodor- but then again I try to remind myself I’m not a sell out (yet).

Now for where that money goes. With $22 500 a month on expenses it breaks down like this:

Monthly mortgage: $4000

$2000 a month for clothes

Groceries and household supplies: $1,00

Eating out: $50

“Telephone, cell phone and e-mail”: $300 [Email accounts are very expensive these days — Ed.]

Laundry: $600

Clothes: $2000

Charitable contributions: $1,500 (!)


Of course you have to love the charitable contributions bit. Eating out looks to be exceedingly cheap, even I spend that much a weekend.

Aren’t you exceedingly pleased that our retro hipster hero doesn’t actually turn out to be a hipster in reality? After all when was the last time a hipster ever spent $2000 on new clothes…? Of course I still have my heart on Ben staying true to his his indie roots and developing a sufficient angst complex so he can churn out the the syrupy hurt feelings stuff. But of course let’s not forget with $3 million floating in the background that’s just getting a little ahead of ourselves….